Monday, January 31, 2011

Early Chinese New Year Feast

Family Celebration for Chinese New Year

Due to logistical issues with many of Dumpling Girl's family running restaurants, we had to celebrate Chinese New Year early. So on another hot Sydney Summer's day we met to celebrate the coming year of the Rabbit.

Now let me tell you that Chinese people really know how to eat. Gazing at the feast presented before us on the table, I worked out that nearly every type of meat was present including chicken, duck, pork, beef, prawns, fish, sea cucumber, crab and scallops. Let me tell you that they were all delicious!

Century Old Egg with Tofu

Ginger and Shallot Crab with Longevity Noodles

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dos Senoritas, Gladesville

After a long and hot Sydney summer day, Dumpling Girl and I went to celebrate her birthday at Dos Senoritas Gladesville. We booked for seven guests at seven in the afternoon with no real expectations about the restaurant. Having been opened only four months ago, we could not find any objective, detailed reviews about the restaurant and wanted to try the food before writing the place off.

From experience you can generally tell about the quality of a restaurant from the marketing that they distribute. Arriving to find a young girl dressed like a Mexican ban-dido waving at passing traffic set the tone for the coming meal.

Dumpling girl and I are service nazis at times and we expect a certain level of service from any restaurant we visit. Having dined at more restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne than we care to remember, we feel that the biggest difference between many every restaurant is the service it delivers.

The food at Dos Senoritas was good value with most mains coming in at under $15. Arriving at the restaurant we were greeted by complimentary corn chips and salsa which tasted home made. After finishing one bucket of corn chips we requested another which the wait staff happily obliged.

Mexican Burrito With Beans - Extra Spicy (Our Japanese guest had to drink a Carlton Draft to Cool down)