Monday, January 24, 2011

Dos Senoritas, Gladesville

After a long and hot Sydney summer day, Dumpling Girl and I went to celebrate her birthday at Dos Senoritas Gladesville. We booked for seven guests at seven in the afternoon with no real expectations about the restaurant. Having been opened only four months ago, we could not find any objective, detailed reviews about the restaurant and wanted to try the food before writing the place off.

From experience you can generally tell about the quality of a restaurant from the marketing that they distribute. Arriving to find a young girl dressed like a Mexican ban-dido waving at passing traffic set the tone for the coming meal.

Dumpling girl and I are service nazis at times and we expect a certain level of service from any restaurant we visit. Having dined at more restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne than we care to remember, we feel that the biggest difference between many every restaurant is the service it delivers.

The food at Dos Senoritas was good value with most mains coming in at under $15. Arriving at the restaurant we were greeted by complimentary corn chips and salsa which tasted home made. After finishing one bucket of corn chips we requested another which the wait staff happily obliged.

Mexican Burrito With Beans - Extra Spicy (Our Japanese guest had to drink a Carlton Draft to Cool down)

Complimentary Corn Chips with Spicy Salsa - just a hint of spice

Having dined at numerous Sydney Mexican restaurants including Baja Cantina and The flying Fajita sisters, we would say that the food is not of a similar standard. The problem is that these restaurants are different in every aspect including taste, cost and atmosphere. It is not comparing apples with apples if these Mexican restaurants are compared against each other.

At the end of the meal when the bill came the GST was added on top of the bill which was not stated on the menu. This irked us and due to this fact we did not tip the bill.  To the owners credit he did come out and chat to the diners and provide a free dessert and complimentary beer to the birthday girl however this can only do so much. More attention to detail and a focus on the quality of ingredients we feel will go a long way to improving the dining experience of the restaurants patrons.

Overall a mostly forgettable dining experience and one which we are in no hurry to try again.

Cheesecake boy signing out...

Dos Senoritas
265D Victoria Road
Gladesville NSW 2111
(02) 9817 3737

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Anonymous said...

shit review, you got a free dessert and a beer and you complain about GST? dos senoritas is awesome.

Dumpling Girl said...

Yes the food is a very reasonable price, but by not stating that the food is not inclusive of GST actually contravenes the Trade Practices Act, and we have never been to a restaurant before that has done this.

Also, the lettuce that was served with our dishes, if it was in my fridge I would of chucked it out. Our negativity was based on the quality of the produce.

However, I'm glad you enjoyed your experience there, and I respect your opinion and this is ours.

FoodMuster said...

I also thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at Dos Senoritas. I think its a rarety for the chef to come out and talk to his patrons. Complaining about not adding GST is a bit tight don't you think? I also want to ask, did you complain about the lettuce? If you complained I am sure they would have replaced it for you. Its best not to complain about bad lettuce on a review if you did not point it out to them. I will be posting my review soon, if you care to take a look:)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Courtney aka FoodMuster,

I am glad you had a great time at Dos Senoritas, but in relation to the GST issue, it's about running a business and an honest business and really just the principal, and when you are dining with 5 other people it does add up, this additional 10% on your bill. If it was clearly stated on the menu that GST was NOT included in the price I would not have been upset, but getting ripped off is getting ripped off regardless if a nice chef comes out to speak to you or not. It has nothing to do with being tight. However, I have spoken to other people and they apparently no longer impose additional GST on top, but we are only writing honestly about our experience.

As for the lettuce that only came up because of the last comment, but it really is not excusable, as a lot of my family own restaurants, and I know they would never serve that to a customer. As we were celebrating someone's birthday and actually mine too that day, I refrained from complaining from putting a damper on someone's special day too.

At the end of the day there will always be some that love a place and others who don't, and unfortunately that time we were the latter.