Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chefs Gallery, Sydney

I haven't been to Chefs Gallery since it first opened, and coming to think of it now, all those visits were made prior to this blog.  Although I went a few times initially to try this establishment out, none of those visits actually struck a chord with me, except for those adorable piggy buns.  However, a piggy bun can only keep you amuse for so long, until the novelty wears out.

You may then be wondering what the latest draw card was that bought me back this time, and it all started because Pho Girl and I were craving a yum cha lunch.  However, I wanted to go somewhere different to the usual establishments and my thoughts strayed to FoodiePop's post on Chefs Gallery's yum cha offerings.  Bearing this in mind, I thought it was about time to give Chefs Gallery another go. 

I actually wanted to try the radish cakes topped with Chinese sausage, shredded mint, shallots and orange peel, but it was only available on the night yum cha menu.  Our radish cakes were meant to come with XO sauce.  I didn't realise this until I looked back on the menu after we had left  However, our serving of radish cakes tasted just like the ones at most yum cha establishments and were pan fried just to my liking, with it being nicely crisp on the outside. 

Pan fried savoury daikon radish cakes with XO sauce, $5.90

I'm all for a good bowl of spicy prawn and pork wontons.  These wontons looked wonderfully innocent, and were so silky and succulent, but the spicy sauce really ended on a high, as the chilli really kicked in at full force.  Since I like my food spicy, I quite enjoyed the sudden surge of chilli coming through my senses.

Spicy prawn and pork wontons, $9.90

I tend not to order Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce when I am at yum cha, as I can easily cook this myself.  However, Pho Girl can't and loves Chinese broccoli and as it's not always about me, so we ordered the vegetables on this occasion.  Plus, they're good for us, so why not.  I find these to be slightly overcooked, as I like my vegetables on the crisp side, but when you cook them whole like this, the leaves always tend to be overcooked as the stalks require that little bit more time to cook through.

Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, $8.90

The colourful mixed vegetable dumplings in a clear pastry were definitely vibrant.  The skin had just the right thickness and a nice smooth texture.  The vegetable filling was a mix of mushrooms, carrots, chives, corn and I'm sure there were a few other things in there that I missed.  However, I really enjoyed the simple combination of vegetables, and I would happily order them again.

Colourful mixed vegetable dumplings in a clear pastry, $5.90

Another must eat for me at yum cha is siu mai, and since I love scallops, the chicken siu mai topped with seared scallop was an easy choice for me.  The scallops could have been seared for a bit longer, but they were nice, plump and tasty, and so were the chicken siu mai too.  I was worried that the chicken siu mai may not be as juicy as the usual pork ones, but there was no such issues here.  The scallop and the succulent chicken siu mai was a really lovely combination.

Chicken siu mai topped with seared scallop, $8.90

I usually don't order steamed buns at yum cha as I'm not very fond of them due to a few unpleasant soggy ones that I've consumed in the past.  However, the ones here are pan fried, so I think this makes for an exception.  We settled on the pan fried chicken and Shitake mushroom buns, and they were delicious.  The buns were soft and fluffy with crispy shards on the bottom, which I loved.  However, the filling was wonderfully flavoursome, as the chicken and Shitake mushrooms really came through against the sweetness of the bun.

Pan fried chicken and Shitake mushroom buns, $6.90

I couldn't leave without getting a sugar fix.  This time round the marshmallow rabbits coated with desiccated coconut caught my eye.  These cute as a button bunnies were actually quite delicate to the touch and incredibly soft.  Soft to the point that on first bite they practically dissolved in my mouth, leaving behind traces of coconut and the strawberry-like sweetness from their pinky gel eyes.  It was a beautifully light and sugary finish to our meal.

Marshmallow rabbits coated with desiccated coconut, $5.90

All in all we had a really enjoyable lunch this time round.  The variations to the usual yum cha favourites was refreshingly different, and the standard favourites for the not so adventurous were also nice to have for a standby.  I guess it's good to have a mix of the old and the new, and I'm all for it, especially when I need a yum cha fix at night.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Chefs Gallery
Regent Place
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9267 8877

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

This is now my fave yum cha so I can't wait to get a hankering for yum cha one night so I can go again. :-)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

OMG - those bunnies!!! I want! The pan fried chicken and Shitake mushroom buns also look good.
Interesting change to their concept, moving to yum cha...

Mel said...

I wouldn't mind trying their Yum Cha here...the bunnies look cute.

chocolatesuze said...

omg i saw a waiter holding a plate of the bunnies and i totally thought it was just mini towels!

rockahenry said...

i'm not usually a fan of yum cha but this looks really good! vegetarian dumplings that really are vegetarian!....

btw what do guilty wontons look like?

sugarpuffi said...

omgg the bunnies! cuteee

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey, thanks for posting your experience up. Otherwise, I may not have dropped in :)

Hello Tina, my thoughts exactly when I saw the bunnies, lol.

Hi MissPiggy, the yum cha here is really nice and has some different options and best of all you can have night yum cha :)

Hey Suze, lol, I guess I had my moment with the buffalo at the food dude deg, and this is yours :D

Hello rockahenry, the vege dumplings were really good. Lol, in this case one saturated in chilli sauce :p

Hi sugarpuffi, they really are adorable.

Von said...

I've still yet to try out chef's gallery- but I've only realised after reading this that they have so many yum cha foods :O I don't normally order Chinese broccoli at yum cha either (for exactly the same reason) but that's pretty expensive for a small dish of veggies, especially if they're just boiled! The sui mai look so cute! And I love how the buns are pan fried with that huge crispy bottom bit!!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Von, we seem to be having more and more similarities :) The buns are a must if you go, I'm definitely going for that again.

jack said...

Those buns with the crispy bottoms look sooooo good. I have been meaning to try the yum cha here as I've walked past the sign a few times and those picture of the marshmallow bunnies looked so cute :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hey Jack, I loved the buns. I was the same as you, but it came to a day when I felt like yum cha, it's pretty good.