Sunday, June 12, 2011

Japan City, Top Ryde

The posting has not been as frequent lately due to my flu that's still lingering around.  However, I did have a shining moment today when we went to Japan City in Top Ryde, so that I could indulge in some daifuku.  Inspired I decided this needed to be shared as soon as possible.  However, if you told me when I was young that I would be eating these mochi balls that usually are filled with a sweet filling, I would have laughed.  I hated Asian sweets when I was young, and you were more liking to see me eating a chocolate eclair or the rainbow ice cream on a cone from Darrell Lea when they use to sell ice cream in store.  Rainbow ice cream was one of my favourite treats growing up in Melbourne, and if I was good in the supermarket when my parents were buying the groceries, then off to Darrell Lea we would go.

Back to the daifuku though, so the literal translation is 'great luck or fortune'.  I don't know if eating them gave me any luck, but I was happy snacking away on these.  Cheesecake Boy came upon these when he decided to have a study break lunch at Japan City last week when I was at work.  Being the considerate and thoughtful boyfriend that he is, he remembered how much I enjoy daifuku at times, and bought some back from Japan City.  Now, when I saw the chocolate on top of the daifuku, I was quite skeptical, but looks can be deceiving.  I liked the taro daifuku so much, that I had to kick the craving a few hours ago at Japan City.

Thankfully, we managed to get the last taro daifuku.  The sweet mochi or glutinous rice cake has a slightly chewy but soft texture, and it's not sticky or soggy at all.  Encased inside the mochi was a heavenly dollop of subtle taro cream and a bottom layer of light as air sponge cake.  The hard chocolate top added a lovely crunch to the soft and light textures at play.  This was definitely, Cheesecake Boy's and my favourite.

Daifuku taro, $4.50

For something different Cheesecake Boy and I decided to also order the chocolate daifuku.  The chocolate daifuku was awfully cute with the grated chocolate and strawberry heart chocolate on top.  It had the same sponge layer at the bottom.  However, it is filled with a chocolate cream and cherries instead.  They could really label this as a black forest daifuku, sounds a lot more romantic.

Daifuku chocolate, $4.50

Japan City also offers lunches and sushi rolls on the go, and if food is not your thing then their retail section could be more to your liking instead.  However, Cheesecake Boy preferred our daifuku over his sushi and sashimi lunch that he had the other day.  The taro daifuku is definitely my happy snack of the moment as they are sweet without being overly indulgent, they could very well be my new movie snack as the cinema is just a few shops away.

Snacking away, Dumpling Girl.

Japan City
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre Level 1 Cnr Devlin Street & Blaxland Road
Ryde  NSW  2112
Ph: (02) 9809 4001


Cooking Gallery said...

I know Japan City, it's a gorgeous place and I love their bento boxes...:D)!! The daifuku taro is so mouthwatering...!!!!!

chopinandmysaucepan said...

I do my grocery shopping here sometimes so I really ought to check out the restaurants.

Jen said...

The anatomy shots are making my mouth water! I wonder if the Bondi junction branch of Japan City has these...

chocolatesuze said...

the presentation of the daifuku is so beautiful!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello CC, I love the stuff at Japan City too.

Hi chopinand, we do our grocery shopping sometimes too. We usually grab a quick bite if we're hungry :)

Hey Jen, every time I look at those shots, I want more again, lol. I have no idea if the Bondi Junction branch has this in the sushi section, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Hi Suze, they do look special, gives them a point of difference.

Dolly said...

omg the taro looks delish.

i went to the japan city in hornsby but my bf was too full so we didnt end up getting any mochi balls.. but now... im geting some :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Dolly, the taro was so yummy, so don't let a full tummy stop you next time :)