Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sushi Hon and Via Del Corso - Westfield CBD, Sydney

It was another Friday lunch catch up with Sushi Girl, and for once Cheesecake Boy could make it as well.  Sushi Girl and I were having a hard time deciding where to eat.  However, Cheesecake Boy felt like some sushi, so that's how we ended up at Sushi Hon for lunch last Friday.

As soon as we're seated, there was an overwhelming selection of sushi double stacked on the conveyor belt.  We had to grab a menu and worked some of them out.  In the end it really didn't matter, I just took the ones that looked different, but interesting.

Plate prices
The menu

I love scallops, so while we were waiting for Cheesecake Boy.  Sushi Girl and I shared a plate of the Gold Butterfly which was an easy first choice for me.  The scallops were beautifully seared and were lovely and moist.  I could feel each lovely vinegary grain of rice, whilst I was munching away. 

Gold butterfly, $6.80

Sushi Girl and I also shared the lion king roll as well.  I actually preferred the seared salmon over the seared scallops, as the basted teriyaki sauce flavour came out more and was lovely against the creamy fresh avocado.

Lion king roll, $5.80

Cheesecake Boy finally made it and he plucked out the classic salmon nigiri, which is one of his favourites.  There were two pieces, but Cheesecake Boy wolfed down the first piece before I could take a photo.  The fresh salmon and nicely season sushi rice, made this classic combination hard to resist.

Salmon nigiri, $3.60

Cheesecake Boy and I shared the spider roll.  It's hard to go pass crispy soft shell crab.  However, I am not really keen on cream cheese in chunks, but if you are then you should definitely consider the spider roll.

Spider roll, $5.80

Sushi Girl ordered the "twins", a very cute name for this crispy ebi and egg combination.  However, I am really against cold egg so I passed on Sushi Girl's offer to try it, but she though it was nice.

Twins, $4.80

The "midori" with its beautifully layered avocado slices caught my eye.  I loved this combination of soft and nicely riped avocado, tuna and creamy salad on top.  Sushi Girl also enjoyed this sushi creation.

Midori, $5.80

The last sushi selection for the day was made by Cheesecake Boy.  The simple tuna salad and avocado roll was lovely and fresh, and sometimes that all you really want from your sushi. 

Tuna salad and avocado roll, $4

The cute as a button pink red bean mochi kept circulating around and I couldn't stop looking at it, so my considerate Cheesecake Boy picked this one up for me.  Unfortunately, the mochi was slightly too thick and sticky.  The red bean paste inside was not very sweet and was lumpy, but I think the red bean filling was meant to be lumpy, as opposed to my preference for smoother and sweeter red bean paste.  I definitely prefer my mochi goodness from Japan City.

Red bean mochi, $4

After our sushi train lunch, we decided to do some super sleuthing and we realised that Sushi Hon also offers set meals.  The set meals looked quite good, and they definitely looked like a huge feed.  However, if you don't want to sit around at the sushi train then they also have premade sushi packs available as well.

After our Hon Sushi experience, Cheesecake Boy was in search of an after lunch dessert.  One thing about Cheesecake Boy is that he loves ice cream, sometimes even more than cheesecake.  We had been told that the peanut butter gelato at Via Del Corso was sensational and Cheesecake Boy is crazy about peanut butter ice cream, so Via Del Corso was the natural choice for his lunch time dessert.

Of course, Cheesecake Boy couldn't stop at one scoop, his cone usually consists of two scoops at minimum.  After asking for a recommendation from the ice cream scooper the second flavour of choice was the sticky fig honeycomb. 

Cheesecake Boy loved his gelati.  Funny thing is I have an incredible sweet tooth, but not for ice cream, gelato or sorbet.  I will always choose a cake, pastry or chocolate before I would go for ice cream, gelato or sorbet.  However, I can honestly say that after trying the sticky fig honeycomb gelato, I am more than smitten.  I may have even seen the light, as I actually keep thinking of my sticky fig and honeycomb experience.  The sticky fig honeycomb gelato had a wonderfully creamy consistency without going over the edge, the subtle sweetness of the sticky figs and delicate crisps of honeycomb were heavenly.  The peanut butter gelato was good too, but the sticky fig honeycomb has truly stole my heart.

Double scoop of peanut butter and sticky fig honeycomb ice cream, $7

Via Del Corso has me dreaming of sundaes now.  The sundae creations on display actually looked divine.  I'm definitely coming back here one late Thursday night after dinner in the very near future for one of those cream filled creations.

In the past I would of been dreaming of the lovely looking range of buttery sweet treats, but not any more.  I need a sundae fix, and then I'll consider the other treats on offer again.

We enjoyed our lunch and pick me ups at Sushi Hon and Via Del Corso.  They're both definitely options that we'd consider again if we're up for some sushi train action or a sugary indulgence.

Lunching away, Dumpling Girl.

Sushi Hon
Westfield, Level 5 
Pitt Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
 Ph: (02) 9223 2882

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Via Del Corso
Westfield, Level 5 
Pitt Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 8236 9200

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L said...

Would just so love to binge on sushi one day. Your photos make it look so so appetising!

chopinandmysaucepan said...

I like the charred flavors of the gold butterfly and sitting by
the seats with a view of the street below.

Mel said...

I was wondering if the sushi on the sushi train here would be very expensive as the prices of food at Westfield seem a little $$$....glad to see it's just normal Sushi Train prices.

I love soft shell crab rolls AND cream cheese in Sushi - this is a must for me. I'm with you on the cold egg though - blech.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Wow - some gorgeous selections on the sushi train! Can't wait to try it out properly!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello L, thanks so much. A sushi binge definitely sounds good :)

Hey chopinand, I was too busy eating and talking to notice the view, lol.

Hi MissPiggy, the prices are very reasonable for the quality. Lol, you can say that again about the cold egg.

Hello Tina, they definitely have some very unique choices.

Jen said...

The sushi here looks exceptional, especially the midori. I agree the fig honeycomb ice-cream is the best!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Jen, the sushi here are really nice. I'm glad you understand my new ice cream obsession :)