Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cafe Sopra, Waterloo

One stunning but lazy Sunday that was quite some time ago now,  Cheesecake Boy and I were out and about with our good friend Noodle Boy for a brunch catch up.  The boys let me choose the venue and since we all love Italian food, Cafe Sopra was an easy choice that Sunday afternoon.  Cafe Sopra wasn't the easiest place to find.  However, by the time we found the little stairway entrance and waited patiently for our table, we were starving.

We all ended up with a pasta main that day.  Noodle Boy opted for the linguine with lemon, chilli, garlic and pangrattato.  It's a lovely and simple combination that I love to cook at home, and Noodle Boy easily demolished his linguine with gusto.

Linguine with lemon, chilli, garlic and pangrattato, $18

I had a sixth sense and knew that Cheesecake Boy would come back from looking at the menu telling me he wanted the meatballs, and lo and behold three tender meatballs appeared on our table not too long after.  Cheesecake Boy was not as smitten with the meat balls as much as I was, so we did a swap.  Funnily enough, Cheesecake Boy preferred my main, so our swap was completely fair, and in no way one sided.  The beautifully al dente bucatini went perfectly with the wonderfully fresh tasting sugo and plump meatballs. 

Bucatini with meatballs, $22

I actually wanted the penne bolognese as I prefer tomato based sauces, but since Cheesecake Boy and I always end up sharing so there's was no point in ordering two tomato based pasta dishes.  This is how I initially ended up ordering the spaghetti alla carbonara.  It was an easy choice, because when the temptation of meat balls are not an option, Cheesecake Boy usually goes for the carbonara if it's available.  It was a lovely carbonara with a good mix of salty bacon, eggs, cheese and a generous dash of olive oil.  I just prefer a little more cracked pepper in mine.

Spaghetti alla carbonara, $20

If you've been following my posts for a while, you may have realised that I am crazy about chips, especially the hot and deep fried kind.  The chips here are fantastic, we couldn't get enough of them.  They're wonderfully crunchy and fluffy on the inside with just the right amount of seasoning.  I looked around the other tables to verify that all their chips were as beautifully golden as ours, just to make sure that this was not a one-off lucky occurrence.

Chips, $8.50

We ordered desserts with our mains, just in case they ran out of preferred desserts while we were eating our mains.  Noodle Boy ordered the tiramisu, and kindly lets me try some.  The tiramisu was excellent, definitely one of the better ones I have had.  However, I am super fussy with how I like my tiramisu, and I prefer a dash more marsala in mine.  Although, for the majority of people the marsala in the tiramisu at Cafe Sopra will be more than plenty.

Tiramisu, $14.50

Cheesecake Boy is a bit of a chocolate nut, so when he saw that the one chocolate item on the menu was the semifreddo, he had to order it.  I rarely order a semifreddo as my dessert of choice when I dine out, as I tend to be disappointed.  However, I'm so glad Cheesecake Boy ordered the chocolate and nougat semifreddo this time.  The semifreddo was delicious, I loved the texture of the irregular chocolate bits against the frozen custard. 

Chocolate and nougat semifreddo, $14.50

I had read so much about the banoffee pie here, that I knew what I wanted for dessert before I even worked out what my main was going to be.   Now, I guess the question is if the banoffee pie lived up to the hype and my expectations? Yes and yes.  My slice of banoffee pie really exceeded my expectations, and I have to admit that I was more than just slightly smitten with this pie.  No wonder such a humble looking pie with its decadent dulce de leche edging over the wonderful biscuit base, topped with chantilly cream with lovely slices of bananas has so many people swooning.  If I could fault this pie, I would say that there was not quite enough slices of banana, but with the increase of banana prices at the moment I don't blame them.

Banoffee pie, $14.50

Cafe Sopra is a lovely option for a laid back brunch or leisurely lunch.  There's nothing complicated about the food, it's all about simplicity and great produce.  I think the banoffee pie and I aren't acquainted enough yet, and a return trip is in order to savour it some more.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Cafe Sopra
7 Dank Street
Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph: (02) 9699 3174

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gastronomous anonymous said...

love cafe sopra... havent had their banoffee pie in ages! must visit soon

Mel said...

Lovely looking meals...I like the look of the pasta with pangrattato (that's bread crumb, right)? The deserts look amazing too! I thought you couldn't take photos in Cafe Sofra, or maybe that is Danks Street Depot...confused!

Simon Leong said...

i love Cafe Sopra :-)

Jen said...

Oh yes their banoffee pie is to die for!

Buggles and Squeak said...

We love Cafe Sopra. The Vitello Tonnato is spectacular as is the Crispy Polenta with the gorgonzola sauce. Recently tried the beef cheek lasagna....amazing.
We had a tiramisu there once, made with panettone, & it was truly divine.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi gastronomous anonymous, I'm definitely visiting soon for the banoffee :)

Hello MissPiggy, yes pangrattato are bread crumbs, a fact from Cheesecake Boy that pan means bread and grattato means grated in Italian, makes sense, I didn't know that part either :) I read you couldn't take photos at Cafe Sopra too, I was discreet but they saw and I smiled and they smiled back so seems like they are more relaxed about it now.

Hi Simon, I fully understand the love :)

Hello Jen, love, love, love the banoffee too, lol.

Hello there Buggles and Squeak, the lasagna sounds to die for, will look out for it next time.

chopinandmysaucepan said...

I have not been to the one at Waterloo but the food looks pretty good and similar to the one at Walsh Bay. I love the spaghetti carbonara because it is something different from the traditional creamy version.

K said...

Everything sounds so yummy... Must bring the Italian here... another to add to the list;) K

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello chopinand, welcome back. Well you should definitely make the trek to the original, I think :)

Hey K, sounds like a plan dear :D

Dolly said...

god this looks nice.. funnily enough im always so hesitant to eat pasta outside now, casue i believe my bf does a good job.

though the desserts here look yummy... esp. Chocolate and nougat semifreddo

mmmhhh... must get him to make me desserts :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Lol, Dolly. I think you're lucky that he cooks you pasta already :)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Look at those meatballs! And chips! And banoffee pie!

susan said...

Oh I have always wanted to try the banoffee pie from there, but whenever I eat there I am too full for dessert :(

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Tina, lol they all look good right?

Hello Susan, I hate when that happens, but the banoffee is a must try :)

sugarpuffi said...

gorgeous photos! i want some of that juicy meatballs right now

Dumpling Girl said...

Hey sugarpuffi, that's very sweet of youm thank you. Lol, I could do with some meatballs too.