Monday, July 18, 2011

Ormeggio at the Spit, Mosman

In late June, Cheesecake Boy finally went on his sailing experience that he got last Christmas.  However, as I get all sorts of motion sickness I couldn't go along with him, but I was prepared to wait for him for a good three hours as I tried to figure out how to use Cheesecake Boy's new toy to take pictures around Middle Harbour.  Actually, the real reason why I was so willing to wait around was that I have been wanting to go to Ormeggio on the Spit for ages and thought a leisurely lunch after Cheesecake Boy's sailoring adventure would be a great way to ease into the weekend.  Here are some of my shots of Middle Harbour, after it took me an hour to read the manual...

Ormeggio on the Spit was on the other side of the harbour, so after Cheesecake Boy's sailing from Orso's we crossed the road and headed up to the D'Albora Marinas. 

My view

We were perusing the menu, where there were several options of two courses for $49, three courses for $59 with a glass of red or wine or individually priced dishes and additional sides.  Cheesecake Boy and I decided to go for three courses each with a glass of white, when our complimentary bread arrived with olive oil.  The bread had a lovely soft crumb and a nice crust, we rarely fault bread as we loved it so much.

Forever the oyster lover, Cheesecake Boy started with the half dozen freshly shucked oysters with a white balsamic and shallot dressing.  The oysters are wonderfully plump and beautifully shucked, no traces of shell here at all.  The accompanying dressing was sweet and slightly acidic, but lacked the depth to make the lovely oysters really shine.

Half dozen freshly shucked oysters, white balsamic and shallot dressing, $24

My entree of Petuna ocean trout crudo, trout caviar, squid ink mayonnaise, crisp mandarin and dried sea lettuce, was not only a stunning slight to behold, but it was absolutely delightful to eat as well.  The lightly dressed ocean trout of olive oil, salt and citrus just melted upon first bite, and was delicately accompanied by lovely bursts of trout caviar, creamy squid ink mayonnaise, a sprinkling of dried sea lettuce and my favourite part being the sweet mandarin crisps that put me in a blissful state, as the crisp bits diffused across my mouth and slowly dissolved away leaving behind a lovely mandarin aftertaste.

Petuna ocean trout crudo, trout caviar, squid ink mayonnaise, crisp mandarin, dried sea lettuce, $24

Cheesecake Boy and I ordered an additional side of golden roast chat potatoes with fragrant rosemary and a dash of sea salt to go with our mains.

Roast chat potatoes with rosemary, $9

Cheesecake Boy's main of Cone Bay barramundi pan fried, school prawn crust, barley and watercress puree was a delicate sight.  The barramundi was wonderfully succulent and moist and the school prawn crust added a lovely saltiness to the dish.  Unfortunately, as watercress can be quite bitter at times, the bitterness in this puree seemed to overpower the delicate flavours of the sweet barramundi flesh.

Cone Bay barramundi pan fried, school prawn crust, barley, watercress puree, $39

I had been salivating over the maccheroncini with crispy pork cheek and cabbage, since watching Alessandro Pavoni's masterclass a while back, so my choice of main was already decided before I even got here.  The maccheroncini was lovingly cooked.  However, I was expecting a salty depth to this dish with the crispy beef cheek and Parmesan, but it was quite restrained in flavour.  The smear of cabbage puree left a bitter aftertaste and I had really wanted to love this dish, but I was disappointed.

Maccheroncini, crispy pork cheek, cabbage, $39

The sun was heating up and finally our windows were opened wide to allow the sea breeze to come in.  It was lovely, as we felt like we were eating outside now.  It was a nice way to wait for desserts, soaking up the sun with the wind against our face.

Cheesecake Boy's view

Again Cheesecake Boy saw chocolate on the menu and went for the Amedei chocolate and coffee 'Barbajada', caramel gelato, almond and mint crumble with tokay reduction.  This dessert is a play on the Milanese drink 'Barbajada' that was created in the early 1800's that consisted of chocolate, coffee and milk or cream.  Ormeggio at the Spit's interpretation was in the form of a silky and wonderfully creamy chocolate and coffee mousse.  It had been a meal of light subtlety, until now.  The mousse was heady in both dark Amedei chocolate and coffee, and the tokay reduction really heightened the richness of the chocolate and coffee of the mousse.

Amedei chocolate and coffee 'Barbajada', caramel gelato, almond and mint crumble, tokay reduction, $16

My dessert of caramelised rhubarb budino, camomile sorbet and raspberry crumble was lovely and light in both texture and taste.  The sweet earthiness of the rhubarb budino was finished off with a brulee like toffee top.  I loved the candied strips of rhubarb and the raspberry crumble added a nice zing to this dessert.

Caramelised rhubarb budino, camomile sorbet, raspberry crumble, $16

I needed my usual pot of tea to finish our meal that came with some adorable sugary jubes.  The orange and raspberry jubes were soft to the bite and a lovely way to finish our lunch.

Petit fours: orange and raspberry jubes

After lunch we made a slight detour before heading back to the car to my childhood bridge opening spot.  Most people hate the Spit Bridge opening, but as a child I loved it.  If the signals were indicating that the Spit Bridge would be opening soon, most people would speed up to try to avoid the bridge opening.  However, if we were heading home and the signals started flashing at the time, my father would park the car at The Spit Reserve and take me to this very spot to watch the the bridge opening and the boats go by.  Unfortunately, we were out of luck that Saturday and the bridge was not going to open anytime soon, but it was nice to share my special spot with Cheesecake Boy and reminiscence about our childhoods.

Ormeggio at the Spit is a lovely spot with nice views.  The staff were friendly and the food was lovely.  However, we left feeling slightly underwhelmed by the food, but perhaps our expectations were too high.  If varying degrees of simplicity and subtlety at play is what you look for in a meal from beginning to end with a view to match, then Ormeggio at the Spit may be the place you've been looking for.

Dining away, Dumpling Girl.

Ormeggio at the Spit
D'Albora Marinas
The Spit
Mosman NSW 2088
Ph: (02) 9969 4088

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Mel said...

Looks like a really lovely spot, and $59 for a 3 course lunch is a good price. Shame you weren't awed by the food, but I think we often have really high expectations like you say.

I love bridge openings COOL!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Looks like a gorgeous day all up - shame not everything blew you away...

Jen said...

I tried to get a booking here last week but it was booked out :(. It's a shame it was underwhelming but it sounds like good value and you had great weather.

gastronomous anonymous said...

that petuna ocean trout looks divine! great review - will definitely check it out :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi MissPiggy, it was great value, sigh to those expectations. Lol, great that I'm not the only one to love bridge openings too :)

Hello Tina, lol, no it was a shame that I was not completely blown away, wish I had been though.

Hey Jen, I think I booked two weeks before hand and it was still a close call. The weather was the best that day, unfortunately cannot say the same for today :(

Hi GA, thanks :), the ocean trout was superb.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That looks gorgeous! :o I particularly like the look of the second dessert-those rhubarb strips look so delicate!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Lorraine, the food was certainly beautifully plated. The rhubarb strips just melted in your mouth.

chopinandmysaucepan said...

I can see how you would have enjoyed the ocean trout entree, it looks absolutely stunning! The crispy mandarin is an interesting twist!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hey chopinand, the mandarin crisp made for a really lovely finish, subtle but really lifted the dish.

wendy @ Obesebaby said...

was thinking to come here for belated Valentine day dinner. this looks amazing the view & the food