Saturday, August 20, 2011

Central Baking Depot, Sydney

I'm a night owl who stays up all night, but only loves to sleep in on days that I am meant to go to work.  If it's the weekend, I wish I could sleep in, but by then I am already conditioned to get up to go to work.  It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.  You could imagine Cheesecake Boy's surprise when he found me wide awake one Monday, a while ago now, insisting on having breakfast with him before he started work.  See, I am not a breakfast person on weekdays either, but love brunch on the weekends.  The reason for all this was that I had gotten addicted to watching the documentary Busting the Berlin Wall that was on SBS not too long ago.  

Now you're probably wondering how a documentary addiction led to a sudden weekday breakfast urge from a girl who wants to sleep in, and skip her breakfast.  Well, one part of this documentary series focused on JFK's famous speech where a women part of the audience back on that fateful day of the 26th of June, 1963 remembered how moved with hope she was when JFK said the iconic line "Ich bin ein Berliner", that translated to "I am a Berliner".  This eventually led me to looking up the speech on wikipedia, and lo and behold some interesting views on how it is believed that JFK actually used the article 'ein' incorrectly and actually said, "I am a jelly doughnut" instead.  After a bit of a laugh, I couldn't get jam doughnuts out of my head.  That's how I ended up getting up super early on a Monday to find a jam doughnut for breakfast, well a Berliner Pfannkuchen in fact.  I was 100% positive that Luneburger at the QVB would have them, but I think we must of got there too early, and a now a worked up and very hungry Dumpling Girl was dragged by Cheesecake Boy to Central Baking Depot instead, as we could not find a Berliner in sight.

Cheesecake Boy is very fond of Central Baking Depot.  Reason being that a certain other half use to drop off his favourite dark chocolate and raspberry muffin and sometimes his other favourite being the chocolate almond croissant too when he use to work close by, so we're back to soak up some more memories.  However, Cheesecake Boy needed his daily caffeine hit first.

Cappuccino, $4 $3

Of course, we ordered a chocolate and raspberry muffin.  Cheesecake Boy found that it wasn't as moist as usual, but the combination of dark chocolate chunks and raspberry was still irresistible with its crunchy sugary top.

Dark chocolate & raspberry muffin, $4.50

Cheesecake Boy really has a fondness for chocolate and almond croissants.  It's not the prettiest pastry, but he loves them for its gooey almond frangipane and chocolaty insides and its crisp, buttery and flaky pastry layers.  Unfortunately, the chocolate almond croissant this morning was a bit lacklustre in the crisp and flaky department, and was a bit limp.  However, the soft and moist almond frangipane and chocolaty goodness was still intact.  P.S. Apparently, Cheesecake Boy was served the almond croissant as opposed to the chocolate almond croissant, I guess the dusting of cocoa powder on the side was a bit misleading to the senses that early in the morning.  

Chocolate Almond croissant, $3.80

My sourdough toast with jam and ricotta was the closest I was going to get to a jam doughnut that morning.  What's not to like about perfectly toasted Bourke Street Bakery sourdough, lovely thick raspberry jam and beautifully soft and fluffy ricotta.  It was a lovely combination that I hope to see around more often.  It nipped my craving for a jam doughnut in the bud that morning, but that doesn't mean I've given up looking for a Berliner in Sydney.

Sourdough toast with jam and ricotta, $4.50

The great thing about Central Baking Depot is that they are open early on weekday mornings for a coffee and a quick pastry, or for the lovely jam and ricotta toast breakfast, if you have sometime up your sleeve.  However, I am still on the hunt for a Berliner, and there are more jam doughnut adventures to come, but if you know where I can find a great Berliner in Sydney, let me know and I'll be there.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Central Baking Depot
39 Erskine Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9290 2229  

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chopinandmysaucepan said...

Dumpling Girl, you really cracked me up with this one, lol!

Psyched to wake up by a jam doughnut means you can deliberately psych yourself up for whatever you want simply by watching it on TV or reading about it? SBS has some other really interesting stuff too!

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

I've most recently had a delicious jam doughnut at workshop espresso in the CBD - Outside galleries victoria.

Ill happily trade you one for one of those dark choc and raspberry muffins

Jen said...

Mmm I love sugary muffin tops!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi chopinand, I was just hit with a craving, happens to the best of us at times. There are definitely a lot of other shows in SBS that don't make me think of food, lol.

Hello Gianna, thanks for the tip. Lol, you have yourself a deal :D

Hey Jen, the sugary crunchy top is favourite part of any muffin :)

Ria said...

Morning Dumpling Girl! :D

I was just trawling your blog as per usual and I realised - BAM! The croissant they served you was the almond one, not the choc almond :o Also, if they charged you $4 for a cappucino, they overcharged you. Your regular cap from the piccie should have been $3 :S Perhaps I should have a word with the Saturday staff... Otherwise, best of luck in your Epic Jelly Doughnut Quest!

- Ria, girlwhoworksatcentralbakingdepot

Dumpling Girl said...

Morning Ria,

You are super early this Sunday :) Thanks for clearing things up, we were definitely confused that Monday, but we thought it was a case of us not being quite awake yet. I think the guy that served us wasn't quite awake yet, but these things happen. We ordered a large cap. Makes sense to Cheesecake Boy now that his chocolate almond croissant wasn't quite the same, he thought the recipe had changed, lol.