Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chat Thai - Westfield CBD, Sydney

On the blustery Friday that just came to pass, a crazy Cheesecake Boy, Dumpling Cousin and I had organised to meet up for lunch at Chat Thai in Westfield.  Had I known the weather was going to be that bad, trust me I would have preferred to stay at the office, but I hate cancelling last minute, so with my safety dangling in the air, I braved the weather and headed out for lunch.  This lunch was a big deal for me, as I tried Chat Thai at Campbell Street during its opening week, years ago now.  The impression that it left on my companions Sushi Girl and KFC Girl back then, well they never wanted to give it a second chance after that, so I arranged for Cheesecake Boy and Dumpling Cousin to join me this time, and I had all my fingers crossed, that this time round the food was going to be good.

The weather made me late.  Honestly, I am having a terrible tendency lately of being late, but I swear it's because of the erratic weather.  Luckily, I was not too late and still managed to get a table.  The menu was quite extensive, and there was not enough time to contemplate the entire menu during my hour lunch, so we let the pictures in the menu do the talking for us this time.

As usual drinks are first, and Cheesecake Boy ordered a blended juice, and chose the lychee blend.  It was basically an icy lychee slushee, and it was actually quite nice, I stole a few extra sips.  

Lychee blend juice, $5

I blame Cheesecake Boy for getting me addicted to coconut juice.  However, I still get a bit wary trying it at a new places, as the taste of coconut juice always seems to differ at every place we dine at.  The coconut juice here was not too sweet, but just sweet enough.

Nahm ma plao, $4.50

We decided on three dishes to share.  Cheesecake Boy's choice was the spicy poached snapper larb salad.  The snapper was beautifully poached, very succulent and no lingering fishy taste at all.  The spicy larb dressing was not too spicy, and had a nice balance of sweet, sour and a nice slight kick of chilli to round it all off.  This salad was really lovely, and just what you want a salad to be light, fresh and tasty.

Larpb bpla, $18

Dumpling Cousin's raadt naa was one of our other dishes.  Raadt naa for those not familiar with it consists of stir fried rice noodles with chicken and gai lan in soy sauce and a yellow bean gravy.  Raadt naa is actually one of my favourite Thai noodle dishes.  However, it was Cheesecake Boy's and Dumpling Cousin's first try of this dish, and they did not take a shining to it.  I do believe that the heavy soy and yellow bean gravy sauce that coats these noodles is both an acquired taste and texture for some, but if you like raadt naa like me, then I think this is one of the better versions I have tried.  The gravy sauce was subtle, and not too overbearing and had a nice consistency.

Raadt naa, $12.50

The photo of the khao na gai yaan in the menu caught my eye, but when the dish was placed on our table, it was a case where the picture was more attractive than the dish in reality.  At the end of the day, it's the taste that counts, and the grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish was simply delicious.  The pieces of chicken were juicy, tender and beautifully fragrant due to the nice balance of turmeric and lemongrass.  The accompanying smoked chilli and tamarind sauce was an unusually lovely combination of sweet and sour with slightly smoky overtones.

Khao na gai yaang, $12.50

Usually, we would go for a dessert, but due to my tardiness, well we really needed to head back to work.  The dessert kitchen is huge, and I guess they're foreseeing the busy times ahead.

Now if you ask a girl like me, if it was worth being blown off the street and having to resort to finding shelter in a TAB afterwards, just to avoid being hit by UFOs and being soaked to the bone, then I would say no.  However, I am glad that I've given Chat Thai another go, as I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  I just wished that we had more time to have the full experience of working our way from entrees to desserts, but there is always next time.  This is definitely a place where you have to get there early at peak times.  Otherwise, you really will have to queue. 

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Chat Thai
Westfield, Level 6
Pitt Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 9221 0600

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Wow, you're quick with trying the 6th Level! Looks good and I wonder how it will affect the Thai (can't recall the name) on the level below?

Lil said...

The raadt na looks and sounds delicious. It seems a little like stir fried hor fun dishes from HK cha chaan tengs!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Wow you have been busy exploring L6. I've heard the queues for Chat Thai have been pretty crazy. I think next time you'll definitely have to squeeze in dessert!

chocolatesuze said...

ooh new chat thai looks awesome! love the lychee juice and the yakult juice is my fav

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Joey, It's weird how I ended up eating at both L6 places one day after the other, it's easy when you work in city though :) I guess you wouldn't be too surprise to know that I have ate at Thai Riffic on L5, but have not been inspired to blog it. I prefer Chat Thai for sure.

Hi Lil, will definitely make sure I check out the cha chaan tengs in HK when I go :)

Hello Helen, dessert will definitely be on the cards for next time. I really wanted the banana fritters, but when you only have an hour it's hard.

Hiya Suze, definitely tasty and will look out for the yakult juice for our next visit.

Anonymous said...

awesome! I totally have not been to Westfields lately since all these places are opening up... it's shaping up to be one amazing shopping centre (and about time!). I loveee the strawberry shakes from Chat Thai, mmm!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello minibites, didn't see shakes on the menu, was too rushed will definitely check it out next time. Shaping up with so many choices it's going to be super hard to decide where to eat soon.

Vivian - vxdollface said...

looks much more spacious than the haymarket one! that kitchen is huge

gastronomous anonymous said...

i walked past this place the last time i was in Westfield. The place is huge! compared to the one in Haymarket! love coconut juice :)

Joseph - Up For A feed said...

Good to see they haven't put up there prices sky high because there in westfields! Its been super busy every time i have walked passed...

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Vivian, that was only the dessert kitchen.

Hey GA, coconut juice is great, especially with Thai food :)

Hello Joseph, I think I was lucky that day, it was so miserable no one wanted to eat out.

sugarpuffi said...

wow u tried the chat thai at westfield already! im always so put off by the queue :(

Dumpling Girl said...

Hey sugarpuffi, we just had good timing and did not need to queue :)