Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Blue Mountains post: Logan Brae Orchard and brunch at Megalong Valley Tea Rooms

Just continuing on from our last Blue Mountains post.  After our lovely dinner at Ashcrofts, Cheesecake Boy and I woke up the next day in search of the breakfast or the brunch of champions.  After quite some deliberation, we decided that we would head to Megalong Tea Rooms for a big feed before getting into some trekking and sightseeing.  However, on our way to breakfast Cheesecake Boy and I got side tracked by a sign that apples and freshly crushed apple juice were ahead.  You see, Cheesecake Boy loves juice, and I don't mind it as long as it's the fresh and not the sugary artificial kind.  This is how we ended up making a short detour to Logan Brae Orchard first.

We arrived and found a rustic little packing shed.  Upon closer inspection an arrow showed us the way in, and after a little chat with the owner, before you knew it we came out with a few goodies.

We bought a gorgeous box of unwaxed apples, and they were only $12 for a whole box.  These were purchased on the condition, that I would bake Cheesecake Boy's favourite apple pie.  However, they are mostly gone and no pie has been baked yet, but one apple tart has been baked from the apples in this box so that must count for something.

We also purchased the wonderfully pure crushed apple juice, some really glorious apple jelly which we have been endlessly smoothering on buttered crumpets for breakfast and a jar of pure honey.  I'm really glad we popped in, as it was the end of apple season and they are now only open on weekend until the last of the apple juice stock has sold out.  However, it's nice to support local producers as well, as we were told that when they initially set up Logan Brae Orchard, there were many other apple orchards in the area, but now they are the only ones left.

A bit of shopping out of the way, put us back on track towards Megalong Valley Tea Rooms.  The drive down to Megalong Valley Tea Rooms was Cheesecake Boy's highlight of our whole Blue Mountains trip.  The smooth long and windy drive down into the valley, made Cheesecake Boy think he was a rally car driver, but he did keep to the speed limit, even though at that moment he wished for a Ferrari more than ever, as we drove under a dark canopy of trees.  Finally, Cheesecake Boy's drive came to end as we arrived at Megalong Valley Tea Rooms.  However, he couldn't stop raving about the drive here, and even the lovely owner humoured his exuberance.  Boys will be boys.

As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to sit outside with the elements rather than inside the pink and green dining area.  A lot of other people had the same idea as us, and they bought their friendly dogs out to enjoy the lovely sunshine too.

Cheesecake Boy and I both love a good scone, so there was no way that we were not going to order the freshly baked scones.  The modest sized scones were nice and warm, but what we loved more was the wonderful homemade berry jam and the lovely and freshly whipped cream.  Both had a lovely consistency and just the right amount of sweetness.

Freshly baked scones, $9

I had heard people rave about the apple pie here, so I knew that I the apple pie was on the must try list too.  With the filling they use locally grown apples, but I found that the filling was quite unremarkable.  It was a simple sweet crushed apple filling.  However, it was the pastry that really set this pie apart.  The shortcrust pastry was really thin and delicate, but at the same time perfectly crisp.  I've never had pastry on an apple pie quite like it.  As much as I adored the freshly whipped cream it, it was overly generous and I really couldn't finish the cream or the pie.

Apple pie, $10.50

As we had ordered two sweet items we really needed to balance out the morning with some savoury.  Now, I wanted one of the savoury pies, but since we had already ordered an apple pie, we decided that the big country breakfast was the way to go.  Cheesecake Boy loves a big breakfast and this one came with two sunny side up eggs, rashers of bacon, a couple of gluten free "Megalong Beef" sausages, a grilled tomato and some sauted mushrooms with home made tomato sauce and some thick wholemeal toast.  It was a typical hearty breakfast and Cheesecake Boy easily devoured it.  However, the homemade tomato sauce was icy and slightly on the watery side, but I did like the lean beef sausages and the addition of thick wholemeal toast. 

Big country breakfast, $16.50

Contently stuffed, as soon as we left the table we watched the birds dive right for the butter.  No wonder they were a bit on the pudgy side.  Megalong Valley Tearooms was really a lovely spot and with some quaint options, and I will admit that the scenic drive was quite spectacular.  Cheesecake Boy wanted me to film the drive on the way back up for the post, but I'm a bit on the weak side and got a bit nauseous, so you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Logan Brae Orchard
139 Shipley Road
Blackheath NSW 2785
Ph: (02) 4787 8440

Megalong Valley Tea Rooms
Megalong Road
Megalong Valley NSW 2785
Ph: (02) 4787 9181


Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Somehow with all the trips I've taken up to the Mountains, I've still yet to make it to the Megalong Tea Rooms. But when I do, it will be for the scones!

henry said...

theres something a little 'the hills have eyes'about the juice place

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello mademoiselle delicieuse, it gets like that at times. The scones are the way to go :)

Ho Henry, lol I'm glad I've never watched that movie and probably never will. Otherwise, I would not have set foot into that place, and that would have been a real shame as the apple jelly is incredible.

Vivian - vxdollface said...

This place looks great, might even plan a trip to the Blue Mountains just for the scones!

sugarpuffi said...

wow so many apples and apple products! the big breakfast is HUGE!

JasmyneTea said...

I only drink juice from around these parts, especially Bilpin. Looks like a nice drive too!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Vivian, lol good thing is there is plenty to do at the Blue Mountains so you don't just have to go for the scones :D

Hi sugarpuffi, the apple goods were really lovely, would go back again.

Hey JasmyneTea, The drive was great, really scenic if you're into that. Will try Bilpin next time.

Melissa said...

Hi Dumpling Girl,

Thanks for the post! I grew up in the Blue Mountains and seeing both Logan Brae and Megalong Tea Rooms made me all nostalgic.

I'm pleased that the Tea Rooms are still around, my parents used to take us there as kids when we had picnics in Megalong Valley. Scones were always the best!


Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your comment, I am truly touched that you enjoyed the post, and that it has conjured some lovely childhood memories for you.

We really enjoyed Megalong Valley too and would love to go back for a picnic. The area just really lets you lose yourself in the idyllic surroundings.

Dumpling Girl

Von said...

You had apple pie for breakfast?? haha- it looks just as good as it sounds!! That apple juice looks a lot lighter in colour and clearer than normal supermarket apple juice! I can imagine that it'd taste a lot better ;) The breakfast looks delicious too- it's a pretty big serving! The birds sound so cute!

Dolly said...

so envious...

i paid $10 a kg for fuji apples in winter.. its soo sad.. dam u coles!

Anonymous said...

the first thought that came into my head was the orchard name reminded me of german beer.

ie; logan brae / lowen brau

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Von, lol, I guess not dissimilar to a apple danish :D Hehe, the birds were staring at how table like hawks.

Hi Dolly, the apples were a bargain and were delish.

Hi Anonymous, lol I'm sure you're not the only one to think that :)