Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dip @ Goodgod Small Bar, Sydney

Ever go through phases, where all you want to eat is some good comfort food, and you can't seem to get enough of it?  Of course, comfort food comes in many different forms, but I'm talking about the type that's just fun and simply tasty.  Well, Cheesecake Boy and I for the past few weeks have been going through this phase at The Dip @ Goodgod Small Bar.  It all started off innocently, an after work roam through the CBD one night a few weeks ago, and since then we have been back many times and not always just the two of us either.  This post will actually feature several nights of dining just for good measure.

Long days at work lately have Cheesecake Boy and I dashing off to the bar first thing.  There's a range of punch jugs and the usual beers are also available.

The bar

Cheesecake Boy and I prefer the flavours of the white sangria over the black sangria.  The white sangria punch jug is probably our favourite of the ones we have tried with its playful concoction of white ginger wine and Mount Gay Rum with brandied apples and strawberries.  We think it's the fizz that sets this one apart from the rest.

White sangria, $30

On another ocassion we tried the wild combination punch jug that was a mixture of sake, black raspberry Chambord and apple juice.  It reminded us of Ribena.

Wild combination, $32

Menus are always on the table.  To order, you have to make your way to the counter where you will receive a number in return. 

The food counter

I think I may have found my new favourite fries.  The fries are hand cut steak fries and there never seems to be a soggy one in the bowl yet.  Out of the two options available, Cheesecake Boy and I favour the salsa fries where the perfectly crunchy fries are topped with a refreshing tomato salsa and a touch of cheese. 

Salsa fries, $6

However, don't get us wrong the standard fries with the wonderfully smoky and slightly spicy chipotle mayonnaise are also good.  We would just like more of that creamy mayonnaise, we always run out before the chips are finish.

Fries, $6

Now the buffalo wings are only available on Wednesday's, and each bowl comes with six crispy skinned chicken wings basted in slightly spicy and sweet sauce on a bed of celery sticks and some lovely ranch dressing to serve.  The buffalo wings were sweet and gave a harmless spicy kick of tabasco against the succulent chicken meat.  The accompanying celery sticks provided a cleansingly fresh contrast between wings and we loved the thick and sour ranch sauce, this bowl of buffalo wings was so addictive.

Buffalo wings, $10

The slaw is not a typical creamy slaw that you'd expect, but was a mixture of more apple than cabbage. However, the juiciness and slight tartness of the grated apples was very refreshing.

Slaw, $6

The grilled corn was charred just perfectly for me.  I tried the lime mayonnaise and it was lovely and nicely tangy.  However, I did not try the accompanying chipotle salt, as I try not to add extra seasoning to my food.  I really would have been happy with just the grilled cob without all the extras.

Grilled corn, $8

Another favourite of Cheesecake Boy and mine was definitely the pulled pork nachos.  The nachos were a fantastic combination of crunchy and not soggy corn chips mind you, with generous shreds of smoked pulled pork, a sprinkle of nicely mushy pinto beans, tomato salsa for freshness, a lovely addition of tangy bbq sauce, enough melty cheese without being too overbearing and to finish it all off a light drizzle of lime cream that is much better than any heavy sour cream in my books.  Typing all this right now is definitely making me want those nachos all over again.

Pulled pork nachos, $15

Cheesecake Boy and I were divided over the southern smoke burger, as I didn't mind the soft mushiness of the soft bun, pulled pork, bbq beans, juicy apple and cabbage slaw and spicy bbq sauce.  However, Cheesecake Boy just found the combination of ingredients too soft in texture, and prefers a bit more bite to his burgers.  It was definitely not an easy burger to eat, so prepare to get more than just your fingers dirty with this one.

Southern smoke, $12
Cheesecake Boy loves hot dogs, so it was only a matter of time before we tried Lev's Dawg.  This hot dog ticked all of Cheesecake Boy's boxes starting with a nice slightly salty and smoked sausage, a generous squeeze of American mustard, sweet and sour grilled yellow peppers and zingy tomato salsa on a soft hot dog bun.

Lev's Dawg, $12

On Friday's the special available is "The Dip Box", that consists of four wonderfully crunchy pieces of fried buttermilk chicken, fries and a serving of chipotle mayonnaise.

The Dip Box, $15

I will admit that I did a huge no, no by using flash for this next shot, but I swear it's the first time that I've done that, as The Dip is quite dark.  Otherwise, this special would not have made it on this post with my little point and shoot.  Anyway, back to the contents of the fried chicken box.  The fried buttermilk chicken was gloriously crunchy and tender.  However, the chicken was a bit plain tasting, but the lovely chipotle mayonnaise gave it some kick.  Another confession is that I am pretty prissy and like to eat my food with cutlery when it's provided, and I got caught by Andrew Levins eating my fried chicken with a fork.  He playfully teased me about eating my chicken with a fork, and after some frustration, I dismantled my piece of chicken off the fork, and can say that the chicken really does taste better when you eat it with your fingers.

There are two standard desserts on the menu and our favourite hands down is the cookies n cream.  I mean who wouldn't love two soft and slightly doughy chocolate molasses cookies with a scoop of smooth and slightly icy salted caramel ice cream in between, and to make it all come together some luscious hot chocolate fudge sauce to finish it off.  We both found it hard to share one of these ice cream cookies, and after our first experience it was definitely one each, and no more sharing.

Cookies n cream, $10

The other dessert on offer was the ice cold guac which came with a creamy scoop of avocado ice cream, a sweet strawberry salsa and a couple of shards of waffles pieces on top.  The avocado ice cream was reminiscent of frozen ice cream with it's slightly sour and tart notes, but had a creamier texture due to the avocado.  It's a refreshing dessert and doesn't make you feel too guilty.

Ice cold guac, $10

As you can see we have been carried away the last few weeks, but we have definitely gotten our fix for now.  Cheesecake Boy and I love the fun and friendly environment at The Dip, and if you can get me eating with my fingers then Cheesecake Boy knows they're onto something here.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

The Dip @ Goodgod Small Bar
55 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9283 8792

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Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

The hotdog here is currently my fave, and how good are those nachos and wings! And I swear that ice-cream sandwich keeps getting bigger each time I see it =p

Mel said...

I have to say, that hands down, the Lev Dawg is the BEST dog I've EVER had. I've been thinking about it ever since I tried it months ago. I really want to go back for another one.

Ramen Raff said...

Cookies & Cream's my favourite! The wings are good too.

chocolatesuze said...

mmm the pulled pork nachos are amazeballs

L said...

I always walk past it and keep meaning to go in. That is some pretty good looking food XDD

Jen said...

The nachos look so good! The gauc ice-cream looks interesting too.

Von said...

hmm....I'm pretty sure I'm in that phase 99% of the time! :D Reading this has made me very very hungry though- I want that burger! The fries sound amazing!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

gosh I love a good chow at The Dip! really craving some of the fried buttermilk chicken now :P

Dolly said...

oooh The Dip Box looks sorta like a kfc box but only better// i walked past this yesterday night.. defi. want to try this out!!!

JasmyneTea said...

I actually really want to take my partner here, he LOVES nachos and he might just die when he tries the pulled pork variety! Great post :)

social.aperitif said...

Pretty sure I'll be dreaming about that chicken in a box tonight...

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello mademoiselle délicieuse, I love the nachos and the wings. Lol, the ice cream sandwich is getting bigger and bigger in my dreams :D

Hi MissPiggy, the hot dog is great and CB's fave at the moment too.

Hello Raff, the cookies n cream is my fave too.

Hey Suze, yeah thanks to you, I have more than a bit addicted :)

Hi L, it's very tasty too, definitely duck in next time.

Hello Jen, the nachos are great, and the guac ice cream definitely something different.

Hi Von, lol, we try to be good our metabolisms are catching up with us. The fries are really good.

Hey Vivian, definitely a place for a tasty good feed.

Hi Dolly, the mayo in the box is so yum.

Hello JasmyneTea, I'm sure he'll love it, they're my fave. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi social.aperitif, thanks for dropping by. I will admit that some of the food here, ends up in my day dreams, lol.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so good! Those desserts look....droooooool

I've walked down this street so many times but have never noticed this place!

rockahenry said...

i love this place too, a definite friday night fave...

love the opening pic btw, the 2 shady guys totally set the tone.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello excusemewaiter, it's a bit hidden and a lot of people just walk pass, but I guess the discovery is half the fun :)

Hi rockahenry, it's a great hangout on Friday couldn't agree more. Lol, don't know if I would call them shady.

Anonymous said...

Yummo! Gotta get to this place soon for some hotdogs and wings!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello minibites, make sure it's a Wednesday you drop in if you want those wings :)

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

The dip is truly a happy place! That box of chicken is an absolute life saver when the deep fried comfort food cravings kick on in!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Gianna, I couldn't agree more on The Dip being a happy place. Need a fix soon.