Monday, April 18, 2011

The Boat House, Palm Beach

Our time off was coming to an end, and we had been wanting to go to Palm Beach for a while.  The reason we were heading up there were for very different reasons.  Cheesecake Boy thought we were going to walk all the way to the lighthouse and get some exercise, but I had a very different idea in mind.  It was our last Friday off and thankfully it was sunny, so a drive to Palm Beach was given the go ahead.  We had been making excellent progress, until some tree lopping caused a little traffic jam, then it was full speed ahead again.

Traffic jam

When we got to Palm Beach, Cheesecake Boy realised that I was not dressed for a walk.  I was dressed to have lunch with a view, and my intention was to have lunch at The Boat House and Cheesecake Boy relented.  Now, the address of The Boat House was vague, the only clue was that it was in Governor Phillip Park.  I had not consulted the map before we left, as I thought it would be an easy find.  If you see the view below, and start singing to the theme song of 'Home and Away' as Cheesecake Boy and I did hand in hand, then you are going the wrong way and need to turn back.  After turning back, there was another man whistling the 'Home and Away' theme song, it's definitely one of the more catchy theme songs around.

The Home and Away view, nice for a walk and sun bathing, but wrong way if you want to eat at The Boat House

We headed back up to where there was an engraved stone sign that was labelled 'Governor Phillip Park'.  There should be a road between 'Governor Phillip Park' sign and the golf course.  If the view is the same as below, and the golf course is on your left, then you are heading in the correct direction.  You will need to walk all the way up, until you reach the end of the golf course.

Path along the golf course...

Now, patience should reward you with an adorable 'The Boat House' sign.  Otherwise, you could do the smarter thing and drive up until you find this place.  By the time we found this place, we were starving.

we made it to The Boat House.

The Boat House is a beachy and fun environment, perfect for that sunny day breakfast or lunch.  I loved the fresh fruit, flowers and plants at the front of the entrance, all the little touches make this place its own unique space.

The entrance

We noticed that there were chalkboard menus as we walked in, and that you have to order and pay at the counter, where you are then provided a number.

The menus

When we got to the counter, there were a fantastic looking spread of sweet treats, so we couldn't say no to that.  If you haven't realised yet, Cheesecake Boy and I are definitely a sweet toothed couple.

The order and pay counter

We could have sat at the lovely table below, but I made a beeline for the tables outside with the view.  If you want a seat with a view, be sure not to hesitate if you see a free spot, or you'll miss out.

With our number and sunny spot, we waited for the food.  It wasn't an unpleasant wait, as we plonked down into our seats and admired the view and the lanterns dancing in the air.

Our number
Our view

The food came out and it looked great with the personalised wooden servingware.  Cheesecake Boy's burger looked picture perfect, especially the chips.  The beef patty was nice and juicy, but the burger was lacking sauce and the bun got soggy at the bottom too quickly, making it hard to eat.  We loved the chips though, nice and thick and crunchy.

Boathouse beef burger and chips, $20.50
Cross section of burger

My fish and chips looked stunning all round.  Lovely, crisp flaky pieces of fish and those divine chips.  The highlight was the housemade tartare, this may sound bad, but it's reminiscent of Filet-O-Fish sauce, but much more zingier with that hit of lemon and packed with the creamy taste of dill and gherkins.  I really couldn't get enough of the tartare sauce, they should really bottle it.  The servings are huge and we struggled to finish, as we needed to make room for our sweets.

Local beer battered flathead and chips with housemade tartare and lemon wedges, $23.50
Top view of fish and chips

Cheesecake Boy's white chocolate and raspberry tart was amazingly good.  There was no way I was going to get a cross section shot, as Cheesecake Boy couldn't stop digging into the tart.  The thick, but soft white chocolate filling with the swirls of raspberry throughout was truly a pleasure to eat.
White chocolate and raspberry tart

I ordered the chocolate cupcake, because it looked pretty and I wanted those pastel chocolate Easter eggs.  Except, there was a little girl sitting near us who looked like she wanted my cupcake for the same reasons too, so I couldn't leave it waiting.  The chocolate cake is ever so slighty on the dry side, but the smooth and creamy buttercream frosting more than makes up for it.  The perfect girly pick me up with the crunchy pastel chocolate eggs.

Chocolate cupcake

We didn't get a receipt, but all the above food including two bottles of sparkling Parker's Organic Juices came to $60.  You really are paying for lunch with a view, but the location is stunning.  I got warm fuzzies sitting out in the sun, as Nina Simone's version of Here Comes the Sun came to mind that afternoon.  A perfect way to spend a sunny and lazy afternoon.

Happy lunching, Dumpling Girl.

The Boat House
Barrenjoey Boathouse, Governor Phillip Park
Palm Beach  NSW  2108  

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Palm Beach is such a lovely spot I haven't visited in a long time, and the food at The Boathouse looks great. I wonder when I'll get a chance to visit?

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Joey, it's definitely lovely there. There's always the chaotic Easter break, if you get the chance :)

Mel said...

I can't believe Cheesecake Boy didn't realise you weren't dressed for walking until you got to Palm Beach - funny! This cafe looks lovely - somewhere I'd like to try someday soon. It seems going on a weekday is good as I've read other posts where it's been SO crowded.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi MissPiggy, lol I know, but as they say love is blind, especially in this case :) It was even busy on Friday, so may be mid-week and early in the day would be best.

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Hey Dumpling Girl, you left your teeth marks on the burger just like you did on the tart back in Bourke street Bakery! Nice set of chompers you have :) :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello chopinandmysaucepan, you really cracked me up, I can say those chompers actually belong to Cheesecake Boy. I had to use a knife and fork to get a taste. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my mouth around the burger like that :D

chopinandmysaucepan said...

ok Dumpling Girl, that explains it then! I cracked up too trying to imagine you chomping the burger and I didn't think your mouth could have been that big :) In any case, just wanted you to know you were the very first person to leave a comment on my blog when I started it a couple of week ago. I shall think of you fondly for as long as I keep posting :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Lol,chopinandmysaucepan. I'm glad we got it clarified that I don't have a big mouth, but I do love to eat a lot.

I really loved on your blog how you shared that Chopin piece where you had that moment of wonderment, those moments are really rare and far between :)

Julie said...

I want to go for the view ;_;! wow. Never been to palm beach before how sad of me :D i need to visit!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Julie, perhaps it could be an additional birthday surprise :)

susan said...

I think the price is pretty good for the food that you got and the view. Such a lovely day too! The tart case looks like a bourke st bakery tart case. Oh how I miss that place!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Susan, definitely worth it for that stunning location and the food was great. You are right, very similar to a Bourke St tart :)