Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Luck Chinese Restaurant, Enfield

Cheesecake Boy and I are back from our Hunter Valley getaway, so it's back to some delayed eating posts, whilst I sort out the photos from our wonderful Hunter Valley trip.

We came to Good Luck Chinese Restaurant for a catch up with some of my friends, and this would have to be our third visit.  This restaurant is really in the middle of nowhere in Enfield, and the specialty is the Peking duck.  The Peking duck must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise, you'll be lucky if there is a spare duck lying around here.

We sorted out the drinks first and everyone on the table generally ordered one of the two drinks below.  Now, when I was younger you wouldn't catch me drinking the prune drink or herbal tea.  I definitely preferred soft drink, pink lemonade to be exact.  However, these drinks are really growing on me now and are meant to be good for you, but I am not too sure of the benefits, as they are wonderfully sweet. 

Prune drink
Herbal tea

After we ordered, the Peking duck came out straight away and for the seven of us, we struggled to finish the duck.  There was just piles of duck meat, and we slowly got through this.  Now, I love that there is duck meat and not just skin for the pancakes, but the down fall for me was that the duck skin was not super crispy. 

Peking duck, $60

The usual shallots, cucumber, hoisin sauce and pancakes are served with the Peking duck.  I love that the pancakes here are handmade and imperfect, unlike how a lot of the restaurants order their pancakes in and just steam them rather than making their own pancakes, so this point of difference makes this dish special to me. The pancakes do tend to stick together in twos, so you'll need to pull them apart.

Handmade pancakes

The reason, why I love to have Peking duck here is that you don't get the standard accompaniment of san choy bow or the duck noodles, but you get duck soup instead.  There's a lovely simple richness about this soup that is so comforting.

Peking duck soup

One of our friend's ordered the boiled pork with mashed garlic sauce.  The pork was served cold and not everyone on the table took a liking to this dish, due to the meat being served cold.  However, being bought up on cold meat starters, I didn't mind this at all.  The sauce had a nice punch of garlic and went well with the pork.

Boiled pork with mashed garlic sauce, $9

I had this dish on my previous visit, and Cheesecake Boy and I enjoyed it so much that we ordered it again this current visit.  The fish had a nice crispiness on the surface, but the chilli and garlic sauce that was served with the fish really made this dish for us.

Yellow croaker in chilli sauce, $22

This is the only restaurant that I have been to in Sydney that serve these Chinese pastry or sher ping, they have a lovely pork and chive filling and the pastry is flatten and then pan fried on each side.  Definitely, one of my favourites and I order this every time we come here.

Chinese pastry, $2 each

The quick fried three delicacies (meat) dish, also caused some mixed reactions on our table.  I am not a huge offal eater and from memory there was liver and kidneys in this dish and I can't remember the third delicacy.  This was simply cooked so that the taste of the offal shined through. 

Quick fried three delicacies (meat), $14.50

Our last dish was the snake beans, I didn't get a chance to see what they were actually called on the menu and the price.  I can say that I really enjoyed the simplicity of the snake beans cooked in the light soy sauce, as usually restaurants cook this with shrimp paste, but I welcomed this change.

Snake beans in soy sauce

Good Luck Chinese Restaurant is a good and hearty feed.  Cheesecake Boy and I love the simplicity  and authentic Beijing food they serve, as it's something different.  If Peking duck is up your alley, then you should at least try this place once.  However, remember to bring some friends, unless you're super hungry.  Don't forget a couple of those Chinese pastries, while you're there.

Happy ducking, Dumpling Girl.

Good Luck Chinese Restaurant
180-182 Liverpool Road
Enfield  NSW  2136

Ph: (02) 9747 4625  

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Can't wait to see the Hunter Valley posts; such a nice area.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey, wish I was still there for a bit longer, missing it already :)

chocolatesuze said...

mmm ive had a craving for peking duck all week!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Ahh i keep hearing about the peking duck here. Must visit soon!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi chocolatesuze, that's perfect, as the Peking duck seems endless here at times :)

Hello Helen, the Peking duck made us go and we're still visiting, more for Chinese pastry though as I find the flat dumplings amusing but yum.

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