Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reuben & Moore - Westfield CBD, Sydney

The other day I was in the city and as Cheesecake Boy had been off his feet the last few days, I decided to bring him some lunch.  I settled for a couple of sandwiches at Reuben & Moore, formerly known as Eat.Deli.Kitchen at the food court in Westfield.  I made sure I got there just before noon to beat the lunch rush.

I knew that the I wanted the 'Reuben', the description given below just managed to convince me some more.  Not that I needed much convincing, as friends of ours had been raving about this sandwich for a while.

The 'Reuben' gets its own page of mention

I was set on getting the pork leg roll too, but having a closer look at the menu I noticed the nut crusted chicken schnitzel, and thought that it would be something different.  I only wished that Cheesecake Boy had time to eat in with me, as the side offerings of duck fat roasted potatoes and caramelised roasted vegetables that are offered on a plate looked so good.  There's always next time though.

The main lunch menu

With my paper bag of sandwiches, I walked down to meet Cheesecake Boy.  The sandwiches are nicely wrapped with waxed paper.  After unwrapping our parcels, Cheesecake Boy remarked that these sandwiches were the perfect size, he said that with relief, as he was thinking about the monster Malibu Sydney sandwiches that I usually get us when we have a sandwich lunch together.

The 'Rueben' in all its unwrapped glory consisted of Wagyu salt beef on rye with Swiss cheese, dill pickles, sauerkraut and mild mustard mayonnaise.  The rye was super soft, so I was in bread heaven.  The salted beef really did melt in my mouth, it really was that tender and it was nicely balanced against the slightly sour dill pickles and sauerkraut.  Topped off with a creamy piece of Swiss cheese, Cheesecake Boy was in sandwich bliss.

The 'Reuben', $13.50

At first glance Cheesecake Boy thought the nut crusted chicken schnitzel roll with avocado, tomatoes and aioli was going to be his favourite.  However, we were disappointed.  We found the schnitzel to be quite plain and the aioli was quite bland and didn't add to the roll, although the aioli was wonderfully creamy.  The tomato and avocado were lovely and fresh, but it's not enough to lure us back for more next time.

Nut crusted chicken schnitzel, $13.50

We loved the quality ingredients they use at Reuben & Moore.  I love the concept of this store, where you can choose to have your rottisserie offerings on a roll or on a plate.  I'll be back for the 'Reuben', but I really want to try the pork leg that I missed out on.  Hopefully, with the duck fat roasted potatoes and caramelised roasted vegetables too.


Yesterday on black Friday being the 13th of May, 2011.  Cheesecake Boy was able to have lunch with me.  Cheesecake Boy was meant to order the 'Reuben', but got sidetracked by the chorizo on the rotisserie menu.  All plate dishes on offer automatically come with duck fat potatoes and caramelised roasted vegetables.

The chorizo had a nice kick to it, but the aioli mentioned on the menu never seem to materialised.  However, we were so stuffed that it wasn't an issue.  They also offer gravy on the additional side of chips, if you desire.

Spanish chorizo sausage with romesco and aioli with added side of fries, $18

The apple sauce with the pork leg was lovely.  The crispy skin was super crunchy, to the point that I when they prepare the pieces of crisp skin they need a knife to smash it to pieces.  It really was that crispy.  The vegetables and potatoes were nice too.  However, I would probably only eat this meal for lunch once in a blue moon, as it was huge and I wasn't able to eat dinner that night.

Pork leg with brown sugar apple sauce and crisp skin and added side of fries, $19

Happy lunching, Dumpling Girl.

Reuben & Moore
Westfield, Level 5
Pitt Street
Sydney  NSW  2000

Ph: (02) 8236 9200

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chopinandmysaucepan said...

I think I would have opted for the Reuben too. It does look tantalising as you described it.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello chopinandmysaucepan, no regrets for choosing the Reuben, it was lovely.

Jen said...

I have yet to try a Reuben sandwich! Shame on me!
I wonder why they changed their name so soon?

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Jen, lol you should get around to it soon.

I have no idea, as the old name is still registered, but I actually prefer the new name.

Christina Kim said...

The wrapper was just so cool; what more to say about the sandwiches? Besides looking good, the sandwiches actually looked more than mere sandwiches! What an exclusive name for a sandwich (and the branding of the shop)! :D

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Christy, I liked the packaging too :)

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

Every time we are faced with the huge amount of dining options in the Westfield food court - I always tend to go here! Love the Reuben! It's the closest tasting to the ones I've had in new York.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Gianna, never been to New York, so good to know that they compare favourably. I'm either at Reuben & Moore or Becasse Bakery when I am up there, or a naughty combination of the two, lol.

Pho Girl said...

Those duck fat potatoes have me acting like Homer Simpson and a pile of donuts. Drools.

Dumpling Girl said...

It's not fair Pho Girl that mine we're as crispy as yours, lol.