Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet Infinity - The Strand Arcade, Sydney

Last month, Lord High Tea and I purchased a couple of Jump On It vouchers offering 6 macarons for $9 from Sweet Infinity.  I couldn't say no to a macaron deal.  Actually, it was really a good excuse for me to visit Sweet Infinity again, as my last visit was years ago at their Woolloomooloo shop.  This is how Lord High Tea and I ended up at Sweet Infinity in The Strand Arcade yesterday. 


As our visit was quite late in the day, a lot of the selection at the counter was gone.  I was meant to come before lunch to pick up one of their pumpkin and feta pies that I tried last time and enjoyed, but it was not meant to be.  Lord High Tea and I collected our macarons, but you can trust us to stock up some other sweets whilst we're here.  With our goodies in tow Lord High Tea and I headed off, and it's not until I got home that I got the chance to try my sweet treats with Cheesecake Boy.

The Jump On It vouchers stated that the macarons came in a variety of apple, pistachio, caramel, strawberry and vanilla.  However, both packets looked identical and seem to only have three flavours  consisting of pistachio, strawberry and vanilla.  The macaron shells are more on the soft, crumbly and slightly chewy side.  The pistachio cream filling was lovely with bits of actual pistachio through out.  I quite liked the straight taste of the plain vanilla macaron as well.   On the other hand, the strawberry macaron was overpowered by the chocolate ganache filling, and I can't taste the strawberry flavour.  The texture and taste of these macarons get better if you leave them in the fridge for a bit,  as they sit on the shelf all day.  They're not the best macarons I've ever had, but they're not the worst either.

6 macarons from Jump On It deal, $9

The actual reason why I wanted to visit Sweet Infinity was because of their chocolate walnut cookies. They won me over on my last visit.  I'm munching on one of these right now, as I am writing this part of the post.  They're better than I remembered.

Chocolate walnut cookies, $9.50

These cookies are light and are on the crunchy side.  One cookie is bigger than my palm, but not quite as big as my hand.  There is a lovely aerated and sugary quality about these cookies, that get better as you bite into the very generous chunks of chocolates and walnuts.  I will sheepishly admit when I got home, I downed three of these one after another. 

Apparently, they make more than 400 of these brownies each week.  Thankfully they still had some of their fabulous brownies at the front.  Brownies are a very personal thing, I prefer mine without chucks of chocolate and nuts in them most of the time.  The brownies were driving me crazy on the train ride home, as I could smell the rich chocolate wafting in the air.  However, I was being patient and waiting for Cheesecake Boy. 

These brownies are not pretty, but they are more than substantial in taste.  If you love your chocolate brownies plain with a crisp, but crumbly top and a seriously dense and fudgy interior, then look no further, you may have found your calling.  These are rich, and I could only eat half.  I polished the rest off today.

Chocolate brownies, $5 each

Cheesecake Boy needed a pick me up the day before, so I thought I'd surprise him with something sweet.   Nothing picks us up like chocolate, so I thought I would pick up some chocolate brownies, but there were no brownies left.  I'm guessing that there were quite a few people on Monday who also needed the same sugar high. 

I got there 10 minutes before closing, so the choices were limited.  I ended up settling for the small heart shaped chocolate flourless cake, topped with a thick chocolate ganache and cherries.  This  humble creation was moist and simple, but lovely without being overly sweet.  The extra indulgence of the ganache and tart cherries really gave the chocolate cake that extra lift.

Flourless chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and cherries, $18

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed all the  rustic chocolate offerings available at Sweet Infinity.  I definitely need to restock on those chocolate walnut cookies, and if I ever need a decadent chocolate brownie fix, I'll be sure to return.

Happy munching, Dumpling Girl.

Sweet Infinity
The Strand Arcade
Shop 18, Ground Floor
Sydney  NSW  2000

Ph: (02) 9231 0472

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chopinandmysaucepan said...

The pies do look good although I'd prefer a meat rather than vege and cheese pie :P

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi chopinandmysaucepan, I really do prefer my meat to vege most of the time :). However, when I tried one of the meat pies, I think lamb and peas last time. I wasn't too keen on it, but Cheesecake Boy thought they were pretty good.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I adore their brownies! They're so rich and gooey and I love how you just cannot eat a whole brownie at one go. It makes me feel virtuous! ;)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I've heard some not so good things about those macarons from the voucher offer... glad you were OK with them.
Great brownies - so rich! I had to have mine over two days...!
And the flourless choc cake is gorgeous!

Dumpling Girl said...

Lol, Lorraine. I know exactly what you mean.

Hello Tina, I totally understand the not so good things, I felt like that until I decided to put them in the fridge. I won't go back for them, but at least I scored some brownies :)

I also had to have mine brownie over 2 days, Cheesecake Boy is the only one I know who's ate it all in a day, but not in one sitting :)

Dolly said...

they have this fig and cream tart.. delicious..

i also want to try their jam, apparently the crop is grown in the owners garden.. how cool!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Dolly, I didn't see either on my visit. Will keep my eyes open for those on my next visit, especially the jam, it sounds good.

bellyeats said...

the brownie looks gooood, judging from its gooey interior. heheh. There was once i went in because i had a mad craving for easter hot cross buns and it was dry and lacking of fruits in it. Probably it has been sitting there for some time, but I will def check out the brownie and cookie.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi bellyeats, I went to the other store and had some sponge fruit cakes and they were dry too. Definitely, some hit and misses there for sure.

susan said...

those brownies look great. I prefer mine without nuts, but love plain or chocolate chunks in them

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Susan, I'm with you on the brownies, either plain or chocolate chunks. These ones really don't need chocolate chunks. Otherwise, I'd be in a brownie coma.