Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snag Stand - Westfield CBD, Sydney

It was last Friday lunch time, and hot dogs were on the agenda.  I don't really eat hot dogs, but ever since I found out some of the hot dogs at the Snag Stand are served on a brioche roll, I have not been able to stop thinking of these hot dogs.  You see, at one stage in my teens,  I was obsessed with grilled German frankfurters with hotcakes and BBQ sauce.  It was the combination of salty, sweet and tangy that delighted my fatty taste buds.  However, taste buds change, but memories do not.  I was hoping a sweet brioche bun with a tasty sausage was going to take me back to those teenage years of crazy bliss.  Pho Girl was willing to put the hot dogs to the test, so off we headed to the Snag Stand to satisfied some cravings.

The sausages seem to be cooked to order, to guarantee freshness.  We were buzzed not long after and when we got our orders, the hot dogs were already cut in half, perfect for sharing.  This is how I ended up with half of Pho Girl's hot dog and vice versa.

The pork and fennel hot dog was my favourite, the punchy pork and fennel sausage really shined against the sweet red capsicum and caramelised onion.  The balsamic glaze added that much needed tang to cut through the light, but buttery brioche roll.  I was definitely expecting the brioche roll to be sweeter, but it had a fluffy texture that melted away between bites.

Pork and fennel freshly grilled with sauteed tri-colour capsicum, sauteed onions, balsamic glaze on a toasted brioche roll, $9.90

I was meant to order a hot dog with BBQ sauce, but I got side tracked by the Toulouse.  My Toulouse hot dog consisted of a Bangalow pork sausage that was very lean, I didn't feel any fatty residue when it was going down.  I liked the tender rosemary mushrooms and although the truffled aioli had a lovely creamy consistency, I felt that something extra was needed to give the hot dog a lift.  If the brioche roll was slightly sweeter, I think this combination would have worked better.  However, if a creamy and subtle hot dog is what you prefer, then look no further than the Toulouse.

Toulouse (Bangalow pork) freshly grilled with sauteed onions, rosemary mushrooms and truffled aioli on a toasted brioche roll, $10.90

These chips were my highlight, they might be up there with the chips of my dreams at the moment. They were light, super crisp and fluffy on the inside.  There was not one soggy chip in the whole packet, it can't get better than that.  Also, the use of sea salt flakes were a nice touch.  I really don't think these chips needed the additional sauces on offer, as they really hit the spot just simply plain.

Chips: 100% Tasmanian russet potatoes with natural sea salt flakes, $3.90

What I love about the Snag Stand is that they offer a variety of different type of sausages, so you won't miss out if you don't eat beef or pork, as there is also a chicken, turkey and lamb option.   It's the place to go if you want a hot dog, but can't decide if you want to stick with tradition or take the gourmet path.  You can have the best of both worlds, if you take a friend and share.  I'll be back next time for sure to try a more traditional hot dog with BBQ sauce, but that's just an excuse to order more chips.

Munching away, Dumpling Girl.

Snag Stand
Westfield, Level 5 
Pitt Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 9221 9600

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

The chips here are really good I agree! Certainly less fattening than the Charlie & Co. ones!

chopinandmysaucepan said...

hey Dumpling Girl,

You're making me hungry with that pic! I've been at the food hall a couple of times over the last few days and have been eyeing the hot dogs too among all the other food. Are the chips better than Charlie & Co's and how much are they? Get your friend Pho Girl to start a blog too since she's a foodie :) I actually like really plain and simple hotdogs though.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Joey, I can definitely agree I don't feel as bad after eating the chips here compared to Charlie & Co.

Hi chopinand, I prefer the chips here just because of the nice simplicity and crispness of the chips compared to Charlie and Co.

I heard about your exchange, but she's not convinced to travel. Lol, she thinks there are too many of us, it's not up her alley.

I prefer plain hot dogs too, but my favourite hot dogs are in Melbourne, so I guess I may just stick to the ones here :)

Dumpling Girl said...

P.S. I put the price of the chips up, overlooked that. They were $3.90

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

The Toulouse sure sounds good. In total agreeance about the chips - SO good!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Tina, I'm a bit infatuated with those chips at the moment, they really are so good as you say :)

susan said...

There should be more places like this around. I love hot dogs so much.

Mel said...

Chippies! I'm going to go to Westfield and try all the chippies on offer I think. These look SO good.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Susan, it's definitely a unique concept and lots of fun.

Hello MissPiggy, Lol I think that's a great idea for a post. I can't wait to see it :D

I've tried Charlie and Co, Reuben and Moore and these ones are my favourite so far.

Jen said...

Looks like they have some unique hot dog combos. And the bread looks like it's toasted to perfection..very important. ;)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Jen, I didn't even have enough time to look at all the combos before we had to order, so many choices. The bread was so soft, even though it was toasted.

Dolly said...

gourmet hot dogs oh god, move aside Harrys Cafe De wheels..

i love the paper bag look, it looks so much more taster opposed to plastic!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Dolly, there's definitely a trend towards paper packaging, it's a great thing and they look better too as you mentioned :)

Von said...

These hot dogs look so tempting! I haven't had a gourmet hot dog before...but I love normal hot dogs- I'm sure I'd LOVE these! I must try these some day! And the fries look so good too!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Von, I am still dreaming of the fries :)

jack said...

Hi Dumpling Girl! I went to Snag Stand twice last week, I had the Greek and the Toulouse like you. But I was trying to be good and didn't order chips. Now that I've read your post though, I'm going back just for the chips :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Jack, lol sorry to break the being good streak. They are worth it though :)