Saturday, February 26, 2011

Greenhouse by Joost and Baroque Bistro

It's been a week a of unpacking for Cheesecake Boy and I, as we just moved into a new place, so we decided that Friday being the end of a very long work week, we'd go on a date and ditch the unpacking for one night.  We both work in CBD Sydney and decided that it was about time to head down to the Greenhouse by Joost to sit by the harbour and chill out.

The restaurant
Our side view inside
The view in front of me
The view behind me
Our table decoration and number
The dinner menu
My wooden cutlery

Now, Cheesecake Boy and I love oysters so we order half a dozen to start but our pet hate is when we find pieces of shell when eating shucked oysters.  Unfortunately, we find bits of shell in all of these but they are still lovely, creamy and refreshing.

Sydney rock oysters with Cheesecake Boy trying to pinch one with his finger above, $3.50 each

Cheesecake Boy goes for a large pale ale, and he's not too impress as it's missing some zing and after taking a sip I agree but it's nice in its own subtle way.  We love the irregularity of the glass this drink comes in though.

Little Creatures pale ale, $10

I settle for some fresh lemonade and it's refreshing and it seems to have a zap of ginger going through this or that's what it tastes like rather than tasting purely of lemons.

Fresh lemonade, $6

I'm big on roasted carrots and beetroot so we had to order this, the menu said that it was meant to have pistachios but I am pretty sure there were none but it did have fennel seeds.  Even though there was no pistachios, I loved this dish.  I love vegetables cooked like this.  It's simple but you can really taste the sweetness of the vegetables.  Also, the fresh herbs taste really distinct and sharp and with the yoghurt, this is a lovely combination.

Wooden roasted baby carrots, beetroot and pistachio, $16

Cheesecake Boy loves pizza so it's a must for us.  The pizza was topped with potatoes, caramelised onions and I am pretty sure it was ham.  The flavours here are not overly strong and are subtle and I like that but Cheesecake Boy thinks a bit more salt or seasoning is in order.

Pizza, $15

It's time for dessert but Cheesecake Boy doesn't seem keen to order the Peaches and Cream on the menu, so we head off to Baroque Bistro which is a five minute walk away for some French desserts instead.

We arrive at Baroque Bistro and it's still light and warm at this time so we sit outside.  We look at the menus and of course Cheesecake Boy chooses the cheesecake but he did struggle with his decision as he was also eyeing the chocolate mousse.  To make the decision easier for him, I choose the mousse so that we can share.  Now we waited a while for our orders to be taken as there is only one waiter outside and he was not too attentive, it took a while to get his attention but we got there eventually.

Our view
The descriptions of our desserts

Our desserts arrive and I tuck into Cheesecake Boy's cheesecake dessert first.  It looks adorable encased in the white chocolate, topped with the raspberry but I am probably going to be biased as I am not a big fan of white chocolate and prefer dark chocolate.  However, it was not the white chocolate that I had an issue with but the cheesecake beneath the white chocolate casing, as the cheesecake is a bit dense and seems to have a slight medicinal flavour to it.  Cheesecake Boy can see where I am coming in relation to the medicinal flavour but does not think it's that bad, but he is not won over either.

Voltaire: the cheesecake, $13

The chocolate mousse is another story, the initial first few bites and it was nothing out of the ordinary but it started to get really good once you hit the centre of this dome of mousse.  You start getting hits of the salted caramel and tiny chucks of chocolates swimming around in your mouth.  The best part of this dessert for me was that chocolate macaron.  The macaron was crisp at first bite then wonderfully melt in your mouth and the best part was that it was glazed with chocolate on either side, if they sold these individually for dessert, I would order just these.

Zulu: the chocolate mousse, $13

Baroque Bistro is a good alternative for after dinner desserts in the city, if you're not a fan of Pancakes at The Rocks or the chocolate cafes around.  They also have additional cakes and macarons available at the counter if the menu options are not to your liking.  Just wish the service was a bit more attentive on the night.  It's a great location to be in this Friday as the Moonlight Markets are just behind us.  

Greenhouse by Joost is only around until the 28th of March, 2011.  I hope to make it for breakfast before it goes.  It's a great location to soak up spectacular views of the harbour.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Greenhouse by Joost
Campbells Cove 
The Rock, Sydney  NSW  2000

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Baroque Bistro
88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road)
The Rock, Sydney  NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 9241 4811

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I'm glad you had the great idea of dessert at Baroque; that Zulu is scrumptious!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey - the salted caramel inside was so moreish. It's just a shame that the Voltaire did not deliver.