Thursday, February 17, 2011

High Tea at Park Hyatt, The Rocks

A special friend of ours is getting married that led to this hen's high tea at the Park Hyatt.  Due to the sudden chilly change in the weather I had burned up my breakfast at Bacco and was ready to chomp and sip the afternoon away.

I think Cheesecake Boy might be right and that my camera may very well be dying, so apologies and I will very soon take my camera to see a specialist who may be able to rectify the problems I'm having with my camera lately.

The menu

Now if you haven't worked it out yet,  I'm Dumpling Girl as I am love dumplings but let's just say that  if dumplings were not to exist in another life (sob, sob), I would definitely be Cake Girl and if that were to fail Bread Girl.  I take my love of cake and bread very seriously.

I can honestly say I was disappointed with the cakes.  The lemon meringue tart had a nice lemon curd  inside but the meringue on top was just solid hard and sugar.  The green tea sponge was not strong in green tea flavour at all, and I felt it was only there for the colouring and the the sponge was a bit dry even the cream around it didn't manage to save it.  Now usually I love profiteroles like this with the sugar toffee but the creme patissiere just wasn't quite the right consistency for me.

Top tier: lemon meringue tarts, profiteroles and green tea sponge with passion fruit curd

Also, the sandwiches in my opinion were very ordinary.  They were simple sandwiches but not the well done simple that I like.  The turkey warp and the salmon sandwiches were plain and the bruschetta topping made the mini toast base soggy.

Middle tier: wraps with turkey, cranberry sauce and brie, smoked salmon sandwiches and tomato bruschetta

Now the chocolate fondants were not bad, they actually were still gooey and ooze when I took a bit but I know a few people on the table were not too keen.  The cupcakes were a nice subtle orange cupcake but nothing out of the ordinary.  However, the passion fruit macaron, well the shell was moist as in soggy.  I mean yes the passionfruit curd was nice but a soggy macaron shell for me is a no, no unfortunately.

Bottom tea: passion fruit macarons, orange cupcakes and mini chocolate fondants

Of all the food on offer, the scones were the best but unfortunately there was only enough for one each. The sugar on top was a nice a touch and they were still warm, and the strawberry was really lovely as was the double cream.

The scones
Double cream and strawberry jam

I understand that people come here for high tea for the view as it's probably one of best view of the Opera House you can get and it's great when you have overseas visitors but the food really doesn't compare to the other high teas Sydney has to offer.  

For a fun high tea I recommend the Victoria Rooms in Darlinghurst with its fun cupcakes and cocktails on offer.  For a proper high tea I would never go past the Tea Room in QVB with its beautiful high white ceilings and fantastic sandwiches, little cakes, warm savouries and the best scones.  Another very proper high tea I would highly recommend but its been a while is the Observatory Hotel in the Globe Bar, the surroundings are beautifully dark and rich, you'll feel transported back in time with its old world charm.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Park Hyatt Sydney
7 Hickson Road
The Rocks  NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 9256 1661

Harbour Kitchen & Bar


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Mmmm, chocolate fondants. I didn't know HK&B did high tea; lovely setting and $36 isn't too bad at all.

Dumpling Girl said...

You're right it's definitely one of the cheaper high teas around. You get what you pay for.