Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain (White Bay)

Cheesecake Boy and I are moving house this weekend.  We wouldn't have been able to pull this off, if it wasn't for the help of our families.  In appreciation for all the moving and cleaning that was completed on Saturday, I booked a table at Rosso Pomodoro to end the hard day with pizzas and beer.

We began with two starters a nice garlic pizza and an antipasto platter.  It says on the menu that the antipasto platter is for two people, but this was huge.  There were five of us and there was plenty to share.  The antipasto was delicious,  the best I have had in a while, as the flavours are not too strong and overpowering as others tend to be with overly salty meat and olives.

Bruschetta all'Agio: pizza crust with garlic, herbs and extra virgin oil

Antipasto della casa (for two people)

Our three pizzas came, two were tomato base and the last one had no tomato base.   The first one was Cheesecake Boy's choice and it was an anchovy, capers and olive pizza.  This is always his favourite combination due to his love for anchovies and olives, whereas for me I try to avoid olives and anchovies as I think it's a bit too much salty goodness without having a neutralising ingredient.  However, I do try a piece and it's actually not as salty as ones served at other pizzerias, and this one works due to the ingredients not being so salty.

Acciughe: tomato, Italian mozzarella, anchovies, capers and olives

The second pizza also has a tomato base and this one is lovely.  I love the addition of artichokes and mushrooms with the stretchy mozzarella.

Capricciosa: tomato, Italian mozzarella, ham. olives, mushrooms and artichokes
The last pizza has no tomato base and this one is my favourite of the three pizzas.  The combination of potatoes, pork sausage and rosemary is so simple but it really works so well.

Patate e salsiccia: Italian mozzarella, Italian sausages, potatoes and rosemary

We share one pasta dish.  They only have a choice of 3 pastas here with one being a kids pasta.  I order the lasagne every time we come here, it's my favourite lasagne as the flavour is wonderfully subtle and it's not strong or drenched in a heavy tomato sauce and cheese.

Lasagne fatte in casa: homemade with ragu alla bolognese and besiamella

Due to the heat and the air conditioning not working, we couldn't work up an appetite for dessert.   Last time we came, Cheesecake Boy and I had the Nutella calzone and it is crazily filled with Nutella.  It was so rich and sweet that my teeth hurt and I could only eat a quarter, but if you are a Nutella nut then you should give it a try, it's the most spectacular Nutella calzone I have seen. 

If you love your pizzas simple with a thin and crispy pizza base then this place is for you.  Unfortunately, it's hard to get a table and to find a park even on a weekday, so to avoid disappointment you better book or you'll be sorry.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Rosso Pomodoro
Shop 90-91
24 Buchanan Street
Balmain (White Bay) NSW 2041
Ph: (02) 9555 5924

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Jen said...

Rosso is my favourite pizza place, we go all the time! We nearly always get the potato and italian sausage pizza and the Diavola. It's a shame they haven't fixed the air conditioner, it wasn't working the last time we went either. We were sweating like pigs!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Lots of pizza posts lately. :-) Good luck with the move, although the humidity would've been quite the energy sapper.

Victor Hom said...

Wow looks nice. Pizza and lasagne is definitely my thing. Looks extremely delicious!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Jen - the potato pizza is fantatsic, I'll put the Diavola on my list for next time. Let's just hope that next time the air conditioner will be fixed :)

Hello Joey - that's so sweet of you. Thank you for that, yes the move this weekend has been a killer. Pizza is always good with a beer on a hot day, so may be that's why pizza is buzzing in the air.

Hey Victor - yes you must give this place a go, just remember to book.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Keep hearing good things about the pizza here. I love garlic pizza and the potato one looks like it has some tasty cheese action!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Helen - the pizzas here are definitely one of our favourites and I haven't been disappointed yet.