Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red Spoon Thai Restaurant, Top Ryde City Shopping Centre

This place is one of our locals.  When Cheesecake Boy and I are super lazy after work we often order home delivery from their Gladesville shop as the Top Ryde shop does not offer this service yet.  

One night, Cheesecake Boy and I were on Spreets and saw that they had an offer that included four courses, a bottle of wine and two Events movie tickets for $59.  The perfect deal for one of our lazy days we thought.

The lazy night in question happen to fall on that dreaded day when Sydney reached 42 degrees.  Now the restaurant is incredibly dim, so I'm sorry but the pictures are really quite terrible.

Course one consisted of prawn betal leaves and mini spring rolls.  The betal leaves had a nice texture due to the sprinkling of the fried onions.  The spring rolls were quite standard filled mainly with cabbage and carrot.   Cheesecake Boy loved the dipping sauce.

Prawn betal leaf
Red Spoon mini stick roll

The next course was the chicken pad Thai and the soft shell crab with the papaya salad.  I really enjoyed the pad Thai.  My return to any Thai restaurant is based on how much I like their pad Thai or pad see ew.  They do a good version of both here.  The soft shell crab was a bit floury and soft and the salad was a more sweet then sour.

Red Spoon chicken pad Thai
Crispy soft shell crab with papaya salad

By the third course we were getting full.  The sauce of the curry was delicious but the lamb shank was not quite tender, it just needed a little more time and this would have been perfect.  When it comes to duck I am a purist.  I like it roasted and plain with crispy skin. This duck however, didn't have crispy skin and is a bit limp and sad and as much as I liked the plum sauce it overpowered the cinnamon of the duck.

Eight hour braised massamun lamb shank
Cinnamon spiced duck Breast with plum sauce

Last course was dessert.  I got addicted to the black sticky rice, whereas Cheesecake Boy got stuck into the ice cream.  A nice way to end our meal.

Black sticky rice and
"carp’s Thai style” baked custard with pandan and coconut ice cream
Our bottle of chardonnay
Our movie tickets

This place is a great local restaurant, as the food is always consistently good.  Besides offering all the usual favourites like pad Thai they also offer dishes that are hard to come by in other Thai restaurants such as son in law eggs.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Red Spoon Thai Restaurant
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Level G, Shop R3002 
Cnr Blaxland Road & Devlin StreetRyde  NSW  2112Ph: (02) 9808 3998


Lil said...

OOH! I bought the Spreets deal too!
Now I'm looking forward to it.
Do you reckon they'll substitute the bottle
For a couple of cocktails or other drinks though?
I'm not much of a wine fan..

Dumpling Girl and Cheesecake Boy said...

Hi Lil, besides the shiraz they offered 2 soft drinks instead, so hope that helps. If you haven't booked yet just keep in mind that the movie tickets can't be used on Saturday after 5pm. Have a great time, it was a really good deal.

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