Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brasserie Bread, Banksmeadow

A couple of Saturday's ago, Cheesecake Boy and I were in Alexandria trying to find an old bookshelf with character at Mitchell Road Auction Centre, but we were out of luck, as we could only find really cool old desks or chairs that we had no need for.  Defeated, we decided while we were in the area not to waste the chance to go to our favourite brunch haunt, Brasserie Bread Bakery Cafe for a pick me up.  With some of Cheesecake Boy's family in tow, we made the drive to Brasserie Bread.


We arrived and were lucky enough to find a park at the front.  It was busy inside and we had wait for a table.  However, not long after a few spots cleared up and a table was available.

Cafe counter
Fellow brunchers :)

Every time we come here.  Without fail, Cheesecake Boy will order the sourdough pancakes with stewed berries and honeycomb cream.  This convinced our fellow boy bruncher to go for the other pancakes on the menu being the sourdough pancakes with stewed bananas and pure maple syrup.  He loved the pancakes and was dreaming about them later that day.

Sourdough pancakes with stewed bananas and pure maple syrup, $14

Our other fellow bruncher had a hard time choosing, as the menu really has some great options, but she settled for the poached eggs with smoked trout and parsley and feta salad on toast in the end.  She found two poached eggs under the trout and happily polished off her meal. 

Poached eggs with smoked trout and parsley and feta salad on toast, $12

Cheesecake Boy will tell anyone who will listen that he thinks that these sourdough pancakes with stewed berries and honeycomb cream are the best pancakes ever.  He was impatiently waiting for me to take the photos so that he could dig in.  He even mentioned that the cream was melting as I was shooting.  Cheesecake Boy usually has the patience of a saint, but obviously not when I come between him and these pancakes. 

Sourdough pancakes with stewed berries and honeycomb cream, $14

Now, I had planned to have a healthy breakfast of porridge or muesli earlier but when I knew we were heading to Brasserie Bread all my healthy thoughts flew out the window.  Unlike Cheesecake Boy, I prefer to choose something different from the menu each time, so it also took me a while to decide. However, I ended up with the slow roasted pork shoulder and sweet potato hash with fried egg.  I had absolutely no regrets as this was combination was delicious, the roast pork had a lovely sweetness about it and I loved the contrast of the sweet potato hash with it.  The bread without question is always excellent here.

Slow roasted pork shoulder and sweet potato hash with fried egg, $16
Shot of my slow roasted pork shoulder and sweet potato hash under my fried egg, sorry I can be a messy eater at times

No trip here is complete without some treats from their bakery section.  We grabbed a loaf of their caramelised roasted garlic bread and decided on two cakes, no more, no less.  It was a hard decision to make, as there were so many choices, but we agreed on the caramel and chocolate tart and the chocolate brownie cheesecake.

The bakery counter

Later, that night we had our sweets treats.  The chocolate and caramel tart was divine.  Sharing this  tart was quite hard, when you want this all to yourself.  Definitely, the best chocolate and caramel tart I've ever had.  The caramel in this tart was not overly sweet and complemented the chocolate and the crisp tart base perfectly.  This really was heavenly.

With the chocolate brownie and cheesecake, Cheesecake Boy thought it would be the best of both worlds, but we were disappointed.  As, the brownie bits seemed to get lost with all the cream cheese. We like our cheesecake sweeter than this and it didn't quite hit the spot.

Chocolate and caramel tart and chocolate brownie cheesecake, $5 each

We walked out full and content and feeling ready for Plan B, which was to attack the crazy peak hour of Ikea for that bookshelf now, as Plan A fell through.  We love this place for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.  However, we just wished it was not so far away from us.  At least,  this always makes Brasserie Bread Bakery Cafe feel like a special treat when we do take the plunge, and make the journey here.
Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Brasserie Bread Bakery Cafe
1737 Botany Road
Banksmeadow  NSW  2019

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I've never been here but I've heard the patisserie is excellent. I'm not sure I would tackle Ikea at peak hour with all those annoying families though .... ;-P

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey, the thought of going was bad enough, sigh. Don't get me started about the families, lol. If you like tea cakes and fruit fillings or if you're a bread nut like me, you may take a liking to this place.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Their bread is so good! Proper sourdough, and they supply to Garfish amongst other places.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi mademoiselle délicieuse, the bread there is one of my favorites. It seems like Brasserie Bread, Iggy's Bread and Victoire are supplier of choice for a lot of restaurants.