Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fourth Village Providore, Mosman

Last Sunday, we went to visit Dumpling Mummy and as per usual, food is involved.  Thankfully, my non-fussy little sibling whom we will now refer to as "Pumpkin Girl" was the only one who came along, so the sky was the limit on food choice for once.  Now, I have had breakfast a few times at Fourth Village Providore and have always enjoyed it, but never lunch.  It was a pretty late lunch, as we arrived at 2.30pm, but they were still accommodated us as there were still many diners there leisurely enjoying their lunches and the atmosphere.

The entrance
The counter

Cheesecake Boy ordered a pineapple juice and was surprised that it was freshly squeezed.  He claims that it is the best freshly squeezed pineapple juice he has had to date.

Pineapple juice, $5

The pescatora pizza came out and was tomato base topped with mozzarella, prawn, mussels, calamari and diced fish.  It was a fairly decent pizza with a nice thin and crisp pizza base the seafood was nice, but there was something missing to tie all the ingredients together.  However, I also don't think the diced fish worked in this pizza because when you took a bite, the texture of the fish was mushy and left an ever so slightly fishy taste in the mouth.

Pescatora: tomato base, mozzarella, prawn, mussels, calamari an diced fish, $25

The cotto e funghi pizza was topped with mozzarella, double smoked ham, button mushrooms and oregano and the balance of the ingredients here really complemented each other.  I eat ham on a rare occassion, but the ham on the pizza had a nice sweetness to it, that went well with the mushrooms and tomato base.  The touch of oregano really lifted this pizza.  This was simple and lovely.

Cotto e funghi: tomato base, mozzarella, double smoked ham, button mushrooms and oregano, $22

I seldom order creamy pasta dishes but this pappardelle was sensational.  It started off with the fantastic pasta, but the sauce of cream with the sharp hit of cheese that coated the pasta just so, was the highlight of this dish.  The classic combination of wild porcini, shallots and parsley was done so well here.  The simplicity of the sauce really enhanced the lovely pasta.  Definitely, one of the better pasta dishes, I have had in a while.

Pappardelle al porcini: F.V. pappardelle in wild porcini, shallots, parsley and cream sauce, $24

Pumpkin Girl wanted some dessert, so we ordered the warm flourless chocolate cake.  I am so glad we never say no to dessert.  Otherwise, we may have never ordered this.  I am currently thinking if I have anytime this weekend while I'm in the area, to fit one of these into our already very busy weekend schedule right now, as I type away.  I am right now infatuated with this dessert, but I love simple desserts.  Cheesecake Boy thought it was just nice but he prefers gooey chocolate fondants or any dessert with a gooey centre.  

I, on the other hand love desserts like this.  It was served warm, but the outside had formed a slight crunchy top, so you got a nice crispness when you bit into it.  The inside of this cake was moist and slightly dense, just enough to give this cake the right weight to linger and tease your mouth, with it's velvety texture. Truly a beautiful, but simple chocolate cake without being over sweet.  However, this cream I am not sure how much icing sugar they put into it, but I have a huge sweet tooth and it went down so nicely with the chocolate cake.  I don't usually eat cream by the spoon, but I did last Sunday.

Warm flourless chocolate cake with whipped vanilla cream and strawberries, $12

Tummies full and super happy after dessert, we went to do some food shopping.  Oh, I didn't mention that there is a incredible deli that is part of this restaurant.  I had a hidden agenda for coming here, they sell Papa Pasticceria's  famous and fabulous ricotta cheesecake.  This cheesecake is a favourite of both Cheesecake Boy and I, but Cheesecake Boy more so.  Hence, him being dubbed "Cheesecake Boy" :) 

Deli counter

We got to the cake counter and they sold out of the ricotta cheesecake for the day.  We were devastated, but these things happen.

The cake section, but no more ricotta cheesecake...sniff, sniff

The bread stand was also looking very empty at that late hour, but they do sell quite a few different varieties of bread from Fuel Bakery, that is available fresh daily.

The bread stand

We got to the cheese room and Cheesecake Boy took a really liking to this room.  They have someone who stays in this room, to help you out with the cheeses.  

The cheese room

There was also a room dedicated to vegetables only. There is a good range of fresh and quality vegetables here.

The vegetable room

This is the main section of the shop where you will find a lovely range of beautiful fruits.  They also have a huge range of pastas in this section and the usual jars of condiments and jams.  

The fruit section

We had a lovely afternoon, the restaurant food is of fantastic quality, even though there were a few slight misses.  The shop here is exceptional and perfect if you want to do a last minute picnic shop, it would definitely be a one-stop shop.  This place is really the best of both worlds for any foodie, whether it be eating or shopping.

Happy eating and shopping, Dumpling Girl.

Fourth Village Providore
5 Vista Street
Mosman  NSW  2088

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I'd be happy with the pasta and the choc cake. Mmmm. :-)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey, they will definitely be my choices for my next visit too :)