Monday, March 7, 2011

Gumshara - Chinatown, Sydney

Since visiting Ryo's Noodles Cheesecake Boy has gone crazy for tonkotsu ramen, so on Friday date night as I was not too hungry after my huge Miso Japanese Restaurant lunch we ended up at Gumshara in Chinatown.  Gumshara specialises in tonkotsu ramen and is hidden inside Eating World Harbour Plaza, one of the many food courts in Chinatown.

You'll have to forgive me for some of the photos, as the battery of my camera died when we got to the food, so the only way I could continue on was with my Blackberry, but back to the food...
Business card - there's a spill about the tonkostu inside
The counter

Unfortunately, there was no fried chicken on their menu to be found but there were dumplings, so we had to order them.

The dumplings are nice and crispy but the filling of these dumplings are more savoury and don't have a sweetness to them like the ones at Ryo's Noodles, which I prefer.  However, these are still nice as I eat most of these whilst Cheesecake Boy is slurping down his noodles :)

Gyoza, $5

Cheesecake Boy orders the pork spare rib noodle and looks very happy when he sees the enormous pieces of pork spare rib.  I know the photo doesn't do it justice but the pieces are huge and thick as well.  The pork is blissfully seared to a crisp on both sides and so juicy, even in my stuffed state I pinched a few bites of the pork.

The tonkotsu on the other hand is very rich and thick, I took a couple of sips and thought it was quite nice and really this would be very filling as the serving size is huge.  As Cheesecake Boy ate most of this we will stick to his verdict being that he loved the pork spare rib.  However, the stock is slightly heavier here and may be too rich as Cheesecake Boy struggles to finish the pork spare rib noodle, so Cheesecake Boy preference goes to Ryo's Noodles as he also finds their stock a bit more flavoursome as well.

Pork spare rib noodle, $14.50

Much to my surprise, we ended up with a bowl of chilli pickled cabbage rice as Cheesecake Boy was worried I would get hungry later, so he wanted me to eat something small just in case.  He decided that the chilli pickled cabbage rice would be a nice change and something light for me to peck on. 

Except when the chilli pickled cabbage rice came, the serving was huge and a mountain of chilli pickled cabbage was piled on top.  The pickled cabbage had a lovely tang to it, but it was when the cabbage was going down that the chilli really packed a punch.

Chilli pickled cabbage rice, $3

As we are leaving, we see a whole bunch of people slurping down the same pork spare rib noodles, we understand the frenzy, just wish I hungry enough to fit in more of that spare pork rib.  Oh well, there is always next time.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Eating World Harbour Plaza
Shop 209 25-29 Dixon Street
Haymarket  NSW  2000

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Oh no, dead battery! Did you try my trick of rubbing it and putting it back in? Worked for me! Gumshara is such a great place for the richest soup around, love it.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey - I am actually technologically challenged so I don't even think of neat little tricks like that. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try it next time :)

Simon Leong said...

i could hardly finish my ramen when i tried this place. was too thick for my mere mortal blood and stomach. i must revisit Ryo's though. it's been years since i went :-)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Simon - I feel your pain, so you can imagine my surprise that Cheesecake Boy managed and he eats much less than me, lol.