Friday, March 4, 2011

Curzon Hall, Marsfield

A couple of weeks ago, Cheesecake Boy and I had the honour of attending the wedding of a lovely couple.  They had their reception at the stunning Curzon Hall, if you watched the last season of Beauty and the Geek, then you may recognise that this is where they filmed the wedding finale.  The reception was done tastefully in varying shades of pink and white, so the photos will be pinkish in some cases when the pink lights were lit.

Curzon Hall
The flowers at our table

To be honest I have never really been keen on food at weddings.  However, I was surprised how substantial and generous the serving size was for most meals at the reception.  The Bride, always being the thoughtful type must of knew that we were hungry as platters of bruschetta came out for each table, this was a nice surprise as this was not on the menu and we were all starving but grateful.

What I liked best about the bruschetta is that it DIY, and I am a bit of a restless person so this gave me something to do, besides from talking the night away :)

When Cheesecake Boy is with the boys, it's more about the beer and food becomes a secondary thought, so I decided to make him one too.

Cheesecake Boy's bruschetta, made by me :)

Now we started with the menu items, and the descriptions are super long, better more details than done, I say.  We all got the same entrees, and I love scallops but I think these were just a tad overcooked.  The mash was excellent, not too overly rich and kept my tummy from rumbling.

Victorian scallop shell filled with scallops and prawns with a red pepper and lime emulsion dressing served on a fluffy bed of mash and fresh rocket leaves

The mains were alternate serves and the beef main below was Cheesecake Boy's.  This was my favourite dish of the night.  I kept pinching some, the beef was beautifully cooked and the potatoes were excellent in this dish.

Beef fillet tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto. served on roast chat potatoes with rosemary and leek served with white wine and garlic cream

I got the chicken main, which was also lovely.  However, my piece of chicken was slightly dry that led to the pinching of Cheesecake Boy's main.

Oven baked fillet of chicken brushed with semi dried tomato tapenade, served on basil and garlic roast baby chat potato with a surround of mulled pear and fresh rocket salad and topped with a pesto cream sauce

This was a nice and simple dessert to end, so at least we could fit in some of the beautiful wedding cake afterwards.

Chocolate lattice basket filled with chocolate mousse with fresh cream and half strawberry

We were lucky to be seated next to the photographer of the wedding, who normally does fashion shoots abroad.  I asked him where he thought the best wedding place in Sydney was, and he told me that Curzon Hall would be his choice.  I was surprised that of all the venues he could choose from in Sydney he said this, so I asked, "why?" He came back with, "where else will you find a castle in Sydney?"  Point taken.

Happy eating, Dumpling Girl.

Curzon Hall
53 Agincourt Road
Marsfield  NSW  2122
Ph: (02) 9887 1877


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I remember a few weddings here. The dessert looks yummy.

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Joey - It's a beautiful location. The dessert was just right. Otherwise, I would not have been able to stomach the cake :)

chocolatesuze said...

ive yet to go to a wedding at curzon hall but it looks so beautiful! would love to check out the castle hehe

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Chocolatesuze - the castle is stunning, you're practically a princess for a day :)

susan said...

Wow I have never even heard of this place before and what a suburb to be located in also..

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Susan, yeah it is a bit hidden this place and out of the way, so even some Sydneysiders don't even know this place exists.